My Wife’s Fishing Trip Ended Our Marriage When She Posted A Photo Online

Nothing returns to normal when the trust is violated.

As his wife Lisa began going fishing alone, Mark began to suspect anything. A loving fisherman, Sam was their neighbor, and Mark sensed somehow that this yearning to get away from him had something to do with him.

A seemingly innocent snapshot that Lisa had uploaded online one day led Mark to believe he had every right to think his wife was having an affair with Sam.

Lisa was shown in the picture clutching a branded fishing rod that Mark knew belonged to Sam with pride. Mark’s intuition told him his wife wasn’t speaking the truth when he questioned her, even though she denied any involvement with their neighbor and insisted she had simply borrowed the fishing rod.

After giving it some serious thought, he came to the conclusion that his faith in his wife had been thoroughly betrayed. He considered the value of openness in relationships and realized that neither he nor his wife had any.

He finally made the decision to initiate a divorce.

Their romance ended with Lisa’s snapshot, which also served as the impetus for their mutual distrust to crumble.

This tale serves as another evidence that when spouses harbor unspoken secrets from one another, marriages can be quickly shattered.

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