Mom has been chastised for uploading images of her son doing household tasks, such as cleaning and cooking, on the internet.

Many objects in society are classified as either boys’ or girls’. Females are always expected to know how to cook, do laundry, and clean the house, whereas most guys are expected to be skilled with tools and participate in sports.
People find it weird and amusing when boys or men carry out what is thought to be a female responsibility.

Nicole Boulogne, a mother from Michigan, received backlash after posting images of her 7-year-old son cooking and cleaning the house. Many questioned her parenting, believing that boys should not do tasks or help around the house because that is a woman’s responsibility.

Nicole, a single mother of two, is doing her best to instill independence in her children. She takes care of everything around the house, but she also feels that her children should learn to do things on their own because it would benefit them later in life.

Her older child is capable of simple cooking, yard mowing, and dishwashing. Her other child is still a toddler, but she plans to teach him how to do the same when he gets older.

She had the right response when asked why she trains her child to do things like this.4

“I educate my son on how to cook and perform housework. Why? Because housework isn’t exclusive to women. Because one day he might be a single man living alone, who knows how to do laundry and not order takeout every night. Because he might wish to wow a significant other one day with a supper he prepared himself. Because one day, when he has children and a spouse, he’ll have to pitch in around the house. Because I’ll be leaving behind a generation of people who complain that education didn’t teach them how to cook, do laundry, wear a tie, or pay taxes. Because it is up to me to teach my son how to accomplish these things and be a useful member of society both within and outside the house. Because it’s okay to let your child be a child while teaching them life lessons. Cooking and chores will never be too “manly” for my son. He’ll be the type of guy who can come in from changing a tire to see how his pot roast is doing. Who can do his laundry and mow the lawn at the same time? “Keep in mind, parents, that a man who believes he shouldn’t have to cook or do housework was once a youngster who was never taught any better,” she wrote.

Science is clearly on her mother’s side. Children who are permitted to help around the house learn how to take responsibility, take risks, and reach high goals later in life, according to studies.

Nicole, congratulations. We think you’re an excellent mother.

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