My Mother Dates my Ex — Story of the Day

Cynthia is heartbroken to learn her mother, Dana, is dating John, her ex-boyfriend. Believing John is still entangled in his troubled past and after Dana’s wealth, Cynthia is determined to expose his true motives. But will Dana uncover John and Cynthia’s intentions before that?

Cynthia had spent the morning hyping herself to meet Dana’s new boyfriend. Dana had been unusually cagey about sharing details, which made Cynthia wary of the man.

“Hello,” Cynthia called as she entered the apartment.

She scanned the space with an eagle eye and spotted Mom on the living room sofa. Her mystery man was right there beside her, but all Cynthia could see of him was the back of his head. It was clear from the way Mom self-consciously straightened her dress that they’d just been making out.

“Oh, sweetie, you’re early,” Mom smiled sheepishly. “But since you’re here, let me introduce you to my boyfriend, John.”

The man’s back still faced Cynthia as he rose, straightened his shirt, and ran his fingers through his hair. She realized he was young, closer to her age than her mother’s, but the biggest shock was still to come.


The man turned to face her and froze. Cynthia’s jaw dropped as she stared at John, the man she’d broken up with almost two years ago.

The oven timer dinged, breaking the tension.

“How about you two get to know each other? I think the pie is ready!” Dana said before leaving the room.

Noticing Dana was gone, Cynthia confronted John. “Is this your revenge for me dumping you?” she hissed.

“No, Cynthia, not at all,” John replied. “I… I understand your reasons for breaking up with me, and I’m over it. I’m sorry, I never realized Dana was your mother.”

“Everything’s ready!” Dana called out, inviting them for the meal.

Cynthia didn’t take her eyes off John as they walked over to the dining table.

“Oh, I forgot the wine!” Mom exclaimed. “I’ll be right back. Why don’t you finish cutting the pie, honey?”

John reached for the knife as Dana strode toward the kitchen, but Cynthia grabbed his wrist.

“Listen to me,” she hissed. “I’m giving you one chance to do the right thing, John. You can get out of here right now and disappear from my mother’s life, or I’m going to tell her everything.”

“Oh, you noticed the watch! Isn’t it beautiful?” Mom said as she returned.

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