Plus-sized influencer says airlines should accommodate people like her

Emily Jones, a well-known plus-size travel influencer, has been vocal about the need for the travel industry to better accommodate curvier passengers.

Frequently traveling between Malta, the UK, and Helsinki, Jones uses her platform to share insights on how airlines and hotels can become more inclusive, ensuring a comfortable experience for all travelers, regardless of size.

Jones’s advocacy is part of a broader movement to promote inclusivity within the travel sector.

Through her Instagram account, @miss__jones, she documents her adventures and encourages individuals of all sizes and shapes to explore the world.

Credit: Instagram / Emily Jones.

“I want to promote easy travel for people of all sizes and shapes – and make them feel they deserve to see the world just like other people,” she says. Her vision is for the travel media to represent larger individuals, creating a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

One significant change Jones proposes for airlines is to announce the availability of seatbelt extensions during the boarding process. She explains that, based on her experiences and messages she receives online, asking for a seatbelt extension is a major anxiety for plus-size travelers. “Seeing this being destigmatized, so people can travel comfortably and without the added anxiety, would be a dream come true,” she shares.

Credit: Instagram / Emily Jones.

Jones also points out the general discomfort of flight seats for larger passengers. She advocates for more spacious seating options or, at the very least, the provision of additional cushioning and adjustable armrests. These adjustments would help ensure that all passengers can enjoy a more comfortable journey, regardless of their body size.

In addition to air travel, Jones highlights the need for better accommodations in hotels. She suggests that hotel groups offer larger towels and plus-sized bathrobes, noting that these simple changes can significantly enhance the comfort and sense of welcome for plus-size guests.

While acknowledging the challenges faced by plus-size travelers, Jones also shares her positive experiences. She particularly notes that the Seychelles in Africa was one of the most inclusive places she has visited, offering a warm and welcoming environment for plus-size tourists.

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