Steve Martin Announces His Retirement From Acting – “Once You Get To 75, There’s Not A Lot Left To Learn”

He’s been a fixture on screen for decades, but he’s finally decided to call it quits a while ago. And yet, we’ll still miss seeing this legend on TV.

When Steve Martin joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live,” he was suddenly recognized by everyone. However, the actor gradually became increasingly well-known outside of the program, thanks to his roles in blockbuster films such as “Pink Panther,” “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “Father of the Bride,” and many more.

The actor’s star power undoubtedly has not diminished with age.

Steve Martin had a second wind in his career and his first child after the traditional retirement age of 60, when most people settle down.

In 2007, he wed Anne Stringfield, and in 2012, the pair became parents.

Martin claims he is done with his work life and is prepared to move on.

In an interview, he said “There’s a time in your career when people are dying to see you… Now is the time in my career when I’m the one who’s got to show up.”

As of right now, Martin may be seen in “Only Murders in the Building” on Hulu, co-starring with Martin Short and Selena Gomez.

He did a great job at giving the characters a natural feel. He says, “I’m very happy with my character not growing. They always say, ‘What’s the arc of the character? What does he learn?’ Once you get to 75, there’s not a lot left to learn, there’s only more mistakes. So I don’t worry about those things. [It’s about] being true to the character. If Marty Short is true to Oliver, and I’m true to Charles, then we can’t go wrong. They’re real people.”

“When this television show is done, I’m not going to seek others. I’m not going to seek other movies. I don’t want to do cameos. This is, weirdly, it,” Martin revealed.

Martin first gained fame with guest appearances on the show that launched his career.

He has made 19 appearances as a special guest on SNL and 15 as a host.


It looks like Martin is leaving on a high note, as his work as Charles Haden-Savage on his final show has earned him an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Steve Martin wants to go out on top because his career is unlike anyone else’s. The performer may truly boast, “I’ve seen it all.”

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