Online influencer sparks viral firestorm, says she’s ‘too pretty’ to work

An influencer fired up the online community when she shared a TikTok post saying that she’s just “too pretty” for the daily grind of work.

Calling her “shallow” and “entitled,” netizens were furious over the suggestion that employment is reserved for a population of un-pretty people.

Keep reading to learn more about Lucy Welcher’s controversial post!

Lucy Welcher, a social media influencer with almost 20 million likes, recently broadcast a clip that created a viral storm.

The young blonde, who admits she’s “the worst type of person…who cannot handle getting their own way,” is frequently seen in videos where she’s sitting in her car, sipping an iced coffee or boasting over a haul from one of her favorite stores.

On November 8, 2022, the now 20-year-old shared a TikTok post that she captioned, “Not my thing [laughing emoji] #working #scam.”

“I do not want to work for the rest of my life. Does it look like I want to get up at 6 a.m. every f**king day for the next 60 years? No! I’m too pretty for that!” she said in the nine-second clip.

Viewers were quick to offer their comments, many slamming the content creator for being “lazy” and “entitled.”

“Boy I wish I had your confidence, the same confidence to feel like I’m better looking than I actually am. God you people are so shallow and in love with yourselves,” writes one TikToker.

“Someone’s entitled,” another blasted. “I hope you get humbled girl, you need it. Looks have nothing to do with working and it’s sad you have that mentality.”

A third cybernaut sniped, “How about trying to be an adult instead of a privileged princess expecting life to be handed to you?”


Responding to user comments by deleting the controversial clip, Welcher – who says people failed to see it as “a joke” – shared a new post where she explains she’s being “slandered all over social media for that video I posted.”

Spiked with sarcasm, the TikTok star proceeds to review and correct some online stories, where she denies owning “class vehicles,” or earning $100,000USD each year. Welcher also reveals she’s Canadian, and says the claim that she lives in a mansion “is hilarious…because my house is literally falling apart.”


Days later, on November 14, Welcher – who found the attention entertaining – shared a new clip, where she’s again seen sipping on her iced coffee.

Captioned, “Remake of the most hated video I’ve ever made,” Welcher repeats the script from her deleted “I’m too pretty” video.

This time, the majority of online users rallied behind her, understanding her earlier message was intended as humor.

“You’re 100% correct, getting up early going to work will spoil your good looks,” shares one.

A second writes, “This video and the first one gave me life.”

Another, a champion for pretty people, pens, “You are too pretty for that. Those are just the hard cold facts of life.”

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