Mom of one stepped on ant hill and died instantly, according to family

The news of someone’s death is always upsetting to hear. Especially when they leave behind a young family. This mother from Gwinnett County died in such a tragic way that it is absolutely heartbreaking.

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It was a normal day for Cathy Weed’s family when suddenly, things took a drastic turn. Her family reported that the mother of one stepped on an ant pile in her Lawrenceville home and died immediately.

Her 15-year-old son Gray was a rising Sophomore and a member of the Mountain View High School Bears baseball team. Whenever her son was playing in the field, Cathy, a dedicated mom, would always be in the stands cheering him on.


The Mountain View community gathered on the baseball field to pay tribute to her after her passing. She was an important pillar of the community and her death has left everyone heartbroken.

Her unexpected death happened because of a lethal allergy Cathy had to fire ants. When she stepped on the ant pile, the reaction was so strong that it immediately took her life even before she could rush and get to her medication.

Photo: Meal Train

In 2018, Cathy had a similar experience and intense allergic reaction from an ant bite which landed her in the ER. She took the opportunity to highlight the importance of having EpiPens on hand as well as the nationwide shortage at the time. She stated how important it was to have an EpiPen on hand, which was not expired, or the results could be fatal. Sadly, years later, the same allergic reaction ended up taking her life.

The community has set up a donation portal where people can donate to the family either with money or volunteer meals.


In the face of this heartbreaking news, young Gray has been surrounded with love and support from not only the community but also his teammates in baseball. Cathy Weed’s obituary outlines what an amazing individual she was. It reads she was an “extraordinary individual who touched the lives of everyone she encountered. Her warm smile, kind heart, and unwavering compassion will forever be remembered.”

Gray’s coach Jason Johnson recalls what a wonderful person Cathy was and what a strong bond she shared with her son. Johnson said, “His mom was everything to him, and he was 100%, even more so to her.”

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