Boy Didn’t Stop Kicking My Seat during a Long Flight – My Dad Taught His Parents a Nice Lesson

Long-term losses may be uncomfortable if there is no confrontation. Unfortunately, in addition to the difficulty of the journey, a father and daughter family had to deal with a broken airplane and a child whose parents were unable to care for.

A family faced the family that had been seated by their side during a protracted nighttime flight back to India a few years earlier. A couple and their perhaps 9 or 10 year old child were positioned in front of the father and his 14-year-old daughter.

The young child by their side started to repeatedly hit the girl’s chaise as the bird raised its hiss higher in the night sky, upsetting the peace of the stroll. When the father first brought up the subject, he merely asked the young man to stop kicking. The child stopped, but it was just for a moment before he started again.

His mother was sitting by his side when his father decided to give up on his seat entirely. As the mother and her husband argued and looked for an airline passenger to help, she asked whether the husband wanted to remain seated. After hearing an affirmative response, the person who is waiting for the turn declares that the parents can do what they want.

The little boy stopped hitting the young girl’s seat after exchanging a few silent glances. But for an hour, his father turned around in his chair to make sure the newlyweds understood their lesson.

Many people found entertainment in the story. It was suggested by someone that the father should have waited until the two had been given drinks before turning around and spilling the drinks on them.

Another person pointed out that many people were unaware of the impact their problems had on others until they had firsthand experience with them. Les deux ne se préoccupèrent pas de l’effet de leurs coups on d’autres personnes, selon le commentateur, because elles ne pouvaient les sentir pendant qu’ils étaient assis. But when their comfort was threatened, they realized they needed to do something.

A few people even had tales that resembled the story on this panel. Une woman raconte how elle a été attirée à l’attention d’un homme assis à ses côtés lors d’un vol de retour d’Égypte. He was enraged to see a woman positioned in front of him, and he violently struck her every time she moved.

A little later, the woman recoils slightly, which prompted the man to ask to speak with one of the passengers. “A woman should not be allowed in her own zone,” the man wrote. He forced himself to sit as much as possible, hoping to get right and off course.

The woman might freely go to the other side of her seat if she so desired; the man was informed by her attentiveness to the bird. Even though her spouse had suggested switching seats, the woman was firmly persuaded to spend the entire seven-hour flight in her current seat.

They were 18 years old when they left the United States for the United Kingdom, according to another Reddit user. They were placed next to a baby who was rocking in their rocker and generally making them uncomfortable. The tourist turned to face the baby’s mother and asked if he could please ask her to stop pulling on the seat.

The baby’s mother smiled broadly and said that her son was free to follow his interests. The commentator said that if the mother wanted things to get better, she should let her child go and ensure that they could also pursue their own goals. If the mother did not discipline her child, the person would accuse her of being a hypocrite.

The passenger pulled over and told the pilot that he was worried for the child because the mother didn’t seem to be concerned. They would then be questioned about whether the child’s mother was merely an incompetent parent or if another person was experiencing the same issue. It seemed like no one was paying attention to the fact that the woman was becoming older.

Upon arriving at the airport following their flight, the passenger was greeted by his companions. Silently, the woman and her son moved around the circle with their heads down.

Even though these parents lacked the parenting skills necessary to supervise their kids during the flight, a woman was turned away from boarding the aircraft with her child.

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