Mom and Daughter Try To Take A Seat From An Obese Woman – What Happened Next Sparked An Outrage

Everyone doesn’t enjoy flying the same way. Before going on a trip, some people make sure they do things to avoid being uncomfortable. Some people are aware of the same thing, though.

This woman planned her trip so that she had everything she needed. Other people, though, didn’t see it that way…

A woman was in a very awkward situation, both physically and figuratively. She wasn’t sure whether to put her own happiness or what other people thought of her first. This woman had to make a choice: she could be kind or protect her own place.

She was going across the country to be with her family for Christmas. She knew she had to be comfortable when she flew. Because she is so big, she always books an extra seat on a plane. In order to make herself feel better, she pays extra.

It was easy to check in, and she was quickly through security and on the plane. The unpleasant thing didn’t start until she was sitting in her place. Next to her was a woman with her 18-month-old child. She noticed that there was an open seat and asked the woman to quickly squeeze into it so that her baby could use the other one. But she said no because the first person had paid for both places.

A flight attendant saw that the exchange was getting attention and came over to see what was going on. The flight attendant was told what was going on and asked the woman if she could make room for the child. The woman kindly said no and said again that she had paid in full for both seats.

Thankfully, the flight attendant got it and told the mom to hold her kid in her lap, which is what most kids that age do. But the mother made sure to make the woman feel bad the whole trip by giving her mean looks and making passive-aggressive comments.

After the event, the woman thought about whether she had been unfair and should have given up her extra spot. She went on Reddit and asked the people there if she was wrong.

One person, a mother who had been in a similar position, wrote, “I’ve taken 9-hour flights with an infant in my arms and shorter flights with a toddler in my lap, who was capable of sitting in his own seat and very much did not want me to hold him. Did it suck? Yes. But it was my problem alone, and as long as my child was under 24 months and I didn’t have to pay for his seat, I chose to hold him. I swear, not all of us parents are this entitled!”

Another person added, “She’s wrong for not buying a seat for her son and assuming someone else would give up a seat they paid for. Odds are she was hoping there’d be extra seats on the flight so she didn’t have to pay and used the lap thing as a loophole.” 

Other angry Redditors wrote, “I’d go so far as making a complaint to the airline about their employee supporting another passenger harassing you.”

Another angry user said, “You should always do what you can to be as healthy as you can, but being fat isn’t a character flaw or a moral failing. We all have our own challenges in life, and you deserve not to be ashamed of your body and yourself, even if you aren’t currently meeting your goals. If the mom wants an extra seat for her kids, she should have purchased one. She’s not entitled to a seat you purchased, and you don’t need to feel bad for her bad behavior.”

While, some people might also understand why the mother would want to have a comfortable trip. She would have made sure to get a place for her child first, though, if that was important to her.

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