Look at this picture and count all the people if you have hawk eyes!

A captivating picture puzzle has sparked widespread debate online as perplexed observers struggled to arrive at the accurate solution.

If you fancy yourself a puzzle aficionado, you’ve stumbled upon the right challenge to put both your eyes and logical reasoning to the test!

Let’s dive straight into it. Begin by examining the image below before proceeding for further instructions.

Your task is to scrutinize the image above and respond to the query: How many people are present in the picture?

Despite its seemingly straightforward nature, this puzzle is anything but simple.

It is replete with tricks, and only the keenest minds can discern the deceptions to provide the correct answer.

Take another glance before scrolling down for hints!

Was your initial guess 11? Unfortunately, that’s incorrect!

Paintings aren’t genuine individuals and shouldn’t be included.

Maybe you settled on 5? Incorrect once more!

The actual count exceeds that number.

However, remember to discount the stone statue in the middle, as it is unquestionably lifeless.

Reassess the puzzle and unveil the correct answer by scrolling down once you’ve completed your examination!

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