Kate Middleton captured on the video for first time

Kate Middleton has made her first on-camera appearance since last year, appearing relaxed as she shopped alongside Prince William. Amid speculation about her well-being and whereabouts, Kate was spotted at her favorite store, just a mile from Adelaide Cottage.

Rumors reached fever pitch last week when an image of Kate and her children, meant to commemorate UK Mother’s Day, was withdrawn by multiple photo agencies over concerns of manipulation. Kate later admitted to “self-editing” the image, adding to public concern after her “planned abdominal procedure” in January.

The Royal Family’s desire for privacy is understandable, but the lack of information during Kate’s 13-day hospitalization at the London Clinic has caused a PR headache. Speculation about her absence has been a major controversy, with questions about her surgery and her marriage to William.

While concrete answers are scarce, Kate’s confirmed sighting should ease fan concerns at least somewhat.


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