Woman snaps photo running through rainforest – later spots haunting detail in the bushes

There’ve been no end of ‘spooky’ images to have made their way to the internet over the years. From potential sightings of Big Foot, to supposed flying saucers in the sky, to ghosts appearing in the windows of old, decrepit homes, there’s no shortage of such pictures if you choose to look for them.

Now, we’ll admit right off the bat that the vast majority of said images aren’t nearly so unexplainable as they’re purported to be.

Most of the time the paranormal element or eerie detail is nothing more than a coincidental blur of the camera, or else the work of someone who knows how to use Photoshop and has too much time on their hands.

That said, there do exist photos that – in some way or another – appear to defy logic. Just ask runner Kay Borleis, who found a somewhat haunting detail in a photo taken while she was on a 100-mile run through the Hawaiian rainforest. Why anyone would put themselves through such a physical endeavor is beyond me, but that’s not what’s important here.

According to reports, Kay embarked upon the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team’s Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run back in 2019 – a race that sees competitors run five laps of a 20-mile loop through dense rainforest.

Kay was joined by her friend Cassie – who was working as a pacer – and it was Cassie who took snaps during the duo’s run.

One of the resulting images appeared to show Kay making her way along a muddy trail in the heart of the jungle. Yet when she took a closer look at the image, she spotted a detail that we can only describe as unsettling.

Kay took to Reddit, explaining: “My pacer took this photo.

“Notice the figure in the frame to the left of my head. We never saw anyone passing us and there were no statues along the trail.

“It is NOT photoshopped or made. This is legit.”

Close-ups of the photo in question do appear to show a dark figure, dressed in ragged garb, who appears to be watching Kay as she runs. Kay, however, insisted that there was no one present at the time.

She explained: “According to legend, there are ghosts of Hawaiian warriors that roam the island and they’re called Night Marchers.

“They are, ‘murderous shades, demons, revenants that haunt the island. They are the rabid galvanized specters of ancient Hawaiian fighters, heroes, and warriors’.

“Upon further research, we found out that, ‘ancient Hawaiian tenets assert that any mortal gazing upon or being viewed in defiance to the marchers will die horribly and violently. Some people declare that if the mortal lies still, down on the ground, prostrated to the marchers they are giving proper respect, fear, and reverence to the Night Marchers; and they will be forgiven and spared.’”

“Luckily, we did not see the supposed Night Marcher.”

Have you ever taken a photo and later seen a detail you weren’t expecting? Let us know in the comments.


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