Firefighters smash through wall to rescue trapped dog — thank you

Sometimes animals get stuck in some pretty tight places, and need a little human help to get free. Thankfully, you can always count on your local firefighters to help save the day.

That was the case recently when one crew came to the rescue of a dog who was trapped in a wall.

It was quite an eventful Mother’s Day for firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority, who on Sunday were called to rescue a 2-year-old dog named Faye, who was trapped in the walls of her family’s home in Garden Grove, California.

According to a Facebook post from the department, the dog crawled into the wall through a plumbing access door and was trapped under the bathtub.

The owners had tried to get Faye out of the crawl space on their own, but she was stuck good.

“At first I thought she could still, I thought there was space for her to move,” owner Julian Nguyen told KCAL/KCBS. “So, I was getting my hand kneeling down and trying to reach my arm all the way through to pull her back but she was way too far inside.”

They tried coaxing her out and enticing her with food, but nothing would work. She was also reportedly injured after being hit by a car a few weeks ago. So, it was up to the fire department to get her out of the tight space.


Video shows the firefighters breaking through the drywall with a sledgehammer; Faye soon sticks her head through the hole in the wall.


They keep chipping at the wall and when the hole is big enough, Faye finally emerges.

“This pup was pretty happy to see the firefighters’ friendly faces and reunite with loved ones,” the department wrote on Facebook.

While it certainly made for an unusual day on the job, the firefighters were happy to help the dog get free. “That’s the beauty of this job is every day’s something different,” firefighter Hector Jimenez told KCAL. “And we come together as a team to come up with a plan and get the job done.”

Though Faye is free for now, the owners told the firefighters that she’s probably “already planning her next bit of mischief.”

“Who knows…maybe we’ll see her again soon!” the department wrote.

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