She Asked The Internet To Guess Her Age And Was Shocked By Their Answers

Some time ago, an Australian woman asked people to guess her age. She was shocked when most of the answers were between 50 and 60.

She told FEMAIL that people have “lost touch with reality” because they are so used to seeing faces with filters, Photoshop, and cosmetic procedures that they’ve forgotten what real life is.

Emily is 36 years old now and lives in Sydney. People of all ages who watched her film gave it “wild” responses that shocked her.

A woman wrote under Emily’s TikTok, “I’m 57, and I think you’re my age, maybe a few years younger.”

“You’re in your mid-40s,” said someone else. “It’s your grey hair, skin, the fine lines around your eyes, and frown lines.”

Emily said she stopped dying her hair while she was in lockdown.

“I embraced my grey. Women want to feel comfortable being themselves. We’re all tired of trying to be 25 all the time.”

“I know most people my age won’t show their grey hair, but this is the truth.”

Many people think Emily’s graying hair is a sign of getting old or being over 50. It began when she was 19 years old.

“I’ve never got Botox, I’m not wearing any makeup, I’ve never had any work done,” she said in the video.

She also said that the reason she has bags under her eyes is because her baby son keeps her up at night.

Even after Emily said how old she was, the opinions kept coming in.

Someone told her, “You look great for a 55-year-old.”

“I’d say you were 37 to be nice, but in reality you look like you’re 44. It’s the skin under your eyes and your hair,” another one wrote.

“36 going on 60. It probably is the hair that ages you but you are still very gorgeous,” a man wrote.

Someone aged 15 thought she was 42, and someone aged 60 thought Emily looked the same age as her.

A few people in their mid-30s and late-20s got Emily’s age right: she was 36.

In a follow-up video, Emily talked about how shocked and horrified she was by all the comments.

“Someone is 35 and they think I’m 58. Do I genuinely look that old? Like I’m near retirement age?” she inquired.

“I think it is essential to remember that what you see on social media and what you see on television or what you’ve seen in magazines, and people have said this for years, it is not real.”

The mom started a sleepwear line to counteract all the social media ads that tell people to look younger.

“I founded Dawn & Dusk Co. because to me, PJs are the ultimate gateway to comfort. When a woman feels comfortable, everything else falls into place.

“She can do amazing things when she’s not paralysed by the need to be accepted. I’m on a mission to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and feel confident in who they are, at any age.”

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