Teenager dies after dropping phone in bathtub

A tragic incident occurred recently when a 16-year-old girl from Avellino, Italy, lost her life after dropping her phone in the bathtub while on a call with a friend.

Maria Antonietta Cutillo was reportedly charging her phone while using it in the bath at her parents’ home. It is believed that the device slipped from her hand and caused a short circuit when it fell into the water.

Local media reported that Cutillo’s family was not present in the house at the time of the incident. The friend she was speaking to on the phone became concerned when their call abruptly ended and promptly called emergency services to the home.

Credit: Maria Antoinetta Cutillo / Facebook.

Cutillo’s body was transported to the morgue at Moscati Hospital in Avellino for an autopsy, and local police have launched an investigation into the incident. According to MailOnline, Cutillo’s father is a well-known figure in the regional capital of Irpinia, where he owns a local butcher shop.

The friend who was on the call with Cutillo at the time of the tragedy posted a heartfelt tribute on TikTok. She shared her sorrow and shock, saying: “You flew to heaven my love, you left screaming my name during a video call. I will never ever forget that moment.”

She continued: “The last call, the last laugh together, the last nonsense together was today my baby, and while you were talking to me this happened. I have your voice echoing in my head as you screamed my name, I have the scene in front of my eyes, I have your big green eyes in front of me, I have your laugh in mind. You were a spectacular friend, now the school desk next to me will be empty and whoever gets in will never, ever be you. I miss you my heart, I have your image fixed in front of my eyes.”

While electrocution by phone is rare, it is not unheard of. There have been other cases where individuals have lost their lives due to their devices short-circuiting.

Credit: Maria Antoinetta Cutillo / Facebook.

In 2023, The Mirror reported the death of 27-year-old Wanchai Deengam from Thailand, who was electrocuted after falling asleep with his phone charging. A smartwatch, two rice cookers, and two fans were also plugged into the same extension plug, and it was believed that a short circuit might have caused his electrocution.

Police Captain Jiratchaya Yordkum from the Rat Burana Metropolitan Police Station noted at the time that Deengam had not used the proper adaptor for his device.

Additionally, the Daily Mail reported a similar incident in 2020, where a schoolgirl in France died after a charging phone fell onto her chest and slipped into the bathwater.

These tragic incidents highlight the dangers of using electronic devices while they are charging, especially near water. The loss of Maria Antonietta Cutillo serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safety precautions to prevent such heartbreaking accidents.

Our deepest sympathies are with Maria Antonietta Cutillo’s family following this devastating incident.

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