Update: Major, shelter dog who “cried endlessly” after 260 days of rejection, finally finds a home

The story of Major, an Indiana shelter dog who lost hope after 260 days in the shelter and “cried endlessly,” touched the hearts of many people.

But now, there’s been an inspiring update to the story… ❤️

Major’s story

Major, a 4-year-old terrier/pitbull mix, was in the care of the Humane Society of Hamilton County since being found as a stray last summer.

According to a Facebook post, he was microchipped, so shelter employees were able to contact his original owners, who said they would come to pick him up — but they never showed.

Despite that heartbreaking rejection, the humane society says that at first Major was in good spirits, describing him as a “sweet and sensitive” dog, a “true companion with a big heart” who loves to play and loves his Jolly Ball. The staff called him a handsome boy and nicknamed him “Major hunk” and “Major heartthrob.”

But sadly, not everyone saw his great qualities: months went by, and Major was constantly passed over by adopters. Shelter staff say that the constant rejection has taken a toll on Major’s bright spirits.

“His spunky personality is dimming,” the humane society wrote on Facebook. “This once jolly ball-lovin’ boy now sits in his room and cries endlessly.”

Major: finally adopted

Major’s heartbreaking story went viral last week, and since then, there has been a very uplifting update.

On May 18, the Humane Society for Hamilton County announced that Major had finally been adopted!

“After capturing the hearts of people worldwide, Major has found his forever home!” the shelter wrote. “To everyone who shared Major’s story, your support and kindness made all the difference. Because of you, Major’s tale reached far and wide, leading him straight to the loving arms of his new family.”

In his previous adoption posts, the shelter said that Major needed to be in a home with no young children or cats, which limited potential adopters. But now, it seems they have found a perfect home.

For everyone at the Humane Society, it was a bittersweet moment to see their longtime friend go, but they are thrilled the sweet dog got the happy ending he deserves.

“As he walked out the door with his new family, we couldn’t help but feel a major-sized hole in our hearts, but it’s quickly filled with happiness knowing that he’s found his perfect match.”

“Major, we’ll miss your playful antics and wagging tail, but we know that your new family will cherish you just as much as we have. Farewell, sweet boy, and may your days be filled with endless love and happiness.”

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Facebook/Humane Society for Hamilton County

We were so heartbroken by Major’s story, so it’s amazing to hear this inspiring update! We’re so glad he’s going to an amazing new home — looking at his happy face, his days of “crying endlessly” are behind him!

Please share this amazing update! ❤️

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