Mama dog found tied up in woods along with her 8 puppies — now they’re in safe hands

It was a heartbreaking sight as a mama dog and her eight puppies were found abandoned, fending for themselves — but now they’re getting an inspiring new start.

On March 30, Knotty Creek Animal Rescue, in Sweet Home, Oregon, shared the story of a “distressing situation” and a “scene of unimaginable cruelty and neglect.”

A local citizen found a mother dog tied to a tree, alongside her 8 puppies, “in complete terror,” they wrote on Facebook.

According to KATU, the dogs had nothing to eat except a nearby deer carcass.

Despite the sad circumstances, the mother dog appeared to be resilient and was taking care of her puppies as well as she could, and had an “aura of sweetness and trust.”

Thankfully, Knotty Creek Animal Rescue had the space to take in all 9 dogs. In updates, they reported that the puppies, seven boys and one girl, were energetic and playful.

“They are settled in pretty well, playing with toys bugging mom who has done nothing but catch up on much needed sleep,” Knotty Creek wrote on Facebook. “It’s wonderful to see them adjust so quickly.”

Besides getting some well-deserved rest, the mama dog has been recovering from a leg injury. She will have a vet appointment in a few days. The rescue said she is “definitely ready for the puppies to go.”

According to Oregon Live, the rescue believes the dogs are Asian shepherds between 9 and 12 weeks old.

Knotty Creek has begun accepting applications to adopt the puppies, so hopefully they will all find their forever homes soon.

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would tie up and abandon this sweet mother dog in the woods, but we’re glad she and her puppies are in good hands now — we hope they all get adopted to loving homes soon!

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