Prince William’s response to Prince Harry after Kate message was not “warm” or “informal” claims expert

Prince William’s response to Prince Harry after Kate message was not “warm” or “informal” claims expert

They were once the ideal picture of brotherhood, siblings who had come through thick and thin together, earning the respect and adoration of the public in the process.

Sadly, the fractious nature of Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has these days become the object of tabloid scrutiny. Though no one really knows how deep the wounds go apart from the brothers themselves, one thing that is for certain is that they’re worlds away from the bond they shared throughout the trials of their youth.

And that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon, not even given the exceptional circumstances the British Royal Family currently find themselves staring at.



Not only has their father, King Charles, revealed to the world that he’s undergoing treatment for an unspecified form of cancer, but now William’s wife, Kate Middleton, has opened up on her own health woes too.

On Friday the Princess of Wales appeared in a video to finally reveal the reason for the lengthy period of recovery she has undergone since the abdominal surgery she was hospitalized for in January.

Kate bravely announced to the world that she, too, has cancer, and in doing so put paid to the myriad conspiracy theories that seemed to be evolving in their absurdity with each passing week.

Moving forward the focus will be on Kate’s fight against – and ideally subsequent recovery from – cancer. It should go without saying that she’ll have the support of the British public, as well as the royal network made up of her family members.

This week it’s been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had attempted to put aside any differences between they and the Waleses in sending a clear message of support. Following the announcement of Kate’s diagnosis, Harry and Meghan issued a formal statement, though it’s also now been said that the couple “reached out privately” as well.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, royal expert and author Tom Quinn said: “Harry and Meghan have been in contact with William, but their private message was simply one of sympathy and didn’t include any suggestion the brothers should make up and let bygones be bygones or that Harry should fly back to the UK soon.”

Interestingly, Quinn also said that William had responded to his brother’s messages, though not in the “warm, informal” way one might expect between adult siblings who have leant on one another for support many times in the past.

Quinn said: “There is just too much ill-feeling for that. William, who is still hurt by everything Harry has said in the past, has responded, but the response is very much engineered by the palace and it’s hardly the kind of warm, informal response you would expect from one brother to another. It’s more like the sort of communication you would get between two slightly wary diplomats.”


Just what has been said between Harry and William of late will likely never pass into the realms of public knowledge. There are conflicting reports as to when exactly Harry and Meghan were informed of Kate’s cancer, with certain sources suggesting they were entrusted with the news before Kate’s viral video on Friday. Others, however, claim that the Sussexes found out in real-time along with the general public.I for one hope Prince William and Prince Harry can set aside their differences and rebuild any and all bridges burned in the future. Do you think that’s possible? Let us know in the comments box.
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