‘Exposing’ The British Royal Family On Television, Meghan Markle Was “Stoned” Mercilessly

Meghan Markle shocked public opinion when she publicly exposed the couple’s royal life on television. After the explosive interview, she received warm support but also faced a lot of criticism and sarcasm.

The interview between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with American “media mogul” Oprah Winfrey is considered one of the “blockbuster” programs of the year when it revealed many shocking information targeting the British royal family . Broadcast on CBS on the evening of March 7 (US time) and on ITV on March 8 (UK time), the above conversation quickly caused an explosion with more than 17.1 million views, in the United States alone. CNBC revealed that Meghan and Harry were not paid to participate in the above shocking interview.
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What did the Queen of England say after the Harry-Meghan couple’s controversial interview?

The interview with Oprah delved into why the Sussexes decided to leave their royal positions and leave the British palace to live in America. Along with that, many private life secrets were revealed by the owner for the first time: from the conflict between Meghan and Kate, the issue of racism that royal members directed at Meghan and her daughter, and the royal family’s control of the family’s life. Harry and his wife’s life, Meghan facing psychological stress and suicidal thoughts, Harry’s relationship with family members… The interview quickly faced mixed reactions from the public and media. pine.

Meghan Markle received support from the crowd after accusing the royal family of racist actions, specifically that Archie’s skin color was discussed before his birth.


The shocking information of the interview was quickly published by international newspapers, especially in the UK. Camilla Tominey wrote in the  Telegraph  about the former Hollywood star’s explosive interview: “Make no mistake, this is a pregnant woman blaming the royal family and its members for not helping her during her pregnancy.” the most difficult period”. “Whatever the family expected from this interview, it was worse,” Valentine Low wrote in an article in  The Times . Meanwhile, some British newspapers criticized Harry and his wife for participating in the interview, especially when Prince Philip was in the hospital.
In particular, the Duchess of Sussex said that before Archie was born, someone in the royal family expressed concern about how dark the baby prince’s skin would be after birth, shocking viewers. . Many people have spoken out in support of Meghan, claiming that the royal family has acted racistly. According to NBC News , following the conversation, the hashtag #AbolishTheMonarchy was trending on Twitter in the United Kingdom.
Many celebrities also publicly supported Meghan. Expensive tennis star Serena Williams declared on her personal page: “I myself know about the sexism and racism that the royal family and the media have used to insult women.” women and people of color to bring us down, make us fall, and turn our image into demons in everyone’s eyes.” She continued: “Meghan Markle, my selfless friend, sets an example for everyone and lives her life with empathy and compassion… Her words capture pain as well as compassion. like the cruelty she suffered.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle caused headaches and crises for the royal family because of their shocking revelations


Speaking on Britain’s ITV, Paula Rhone-Adrien, a famous black lawyer in the UK, said she was not shocked by Meghan’s comments and that they shed light on the bigotry that pervades British society. This person also admitted that he shed tears when watching the interview and expressed: “This is a family in crisis, they need help.”
NBC News  revealed that despite the information mentioned, many netizens still have opinions against Meghan. Many viewers believe that the royal family’s scandalous daughter-in-law is doing everything to attract attention from public opinion, others constantly tease, sarcasm, and joke about the rifts in the family that are of concern. best in England. Even the details revealed by Meghan in the interview are likened to season 5 of the series  The Crown  .

Experts call the Sussexes’ interview like a bomb hitting the British royal family


Along with that, many commentators and famous British figures expressed concern about inevitable damage to the British royal family after the interview. Even Meghan Markle and her husband were criticized for not respecting the royal family, turning the rifts in the family into a topic of public scrutiny and discussion like scandals in showbiz.
“They have thrown away everything the queen has worked hard to build and we are supposed to believe that they are compassionate?”, British journalist Piers Morgan expressed. Journalist and royal biographer Angela Levin said Harry and Meghan’s allegations were “truly astonishing”. She commented: “Meghan speaks as if she is imprisoned. That’s her story. She said there was no one around but Harry was always there. One of the queen’s most trusted assistants was also assigned to her. It’s hard to say there’s no one.” Famous author Robert Jobson criticized the Sussexes’ interview for disrespecting the queen, attacking the monarchy and deeply insulting the British people. He added: “They accused the royal family of racism but did not say who. That’s cowardice. They say the British press is racist, so where is the evidence?
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