Meghan Markle And Her Husband Gave a New “Ultimatum” To the Queen of England, Causing Public Outrage and Headaches For The Royal Family

Amid the noise of demanding the return of her royal title, Meghan Markle and her husband made a new request related to the Queen’s big day.

The Queen’s Platinum Julibee is a momentous event, marking 70 years of reign of the royal head. On June 2, the royal family confirmed that the grand celebration will include a 4-day banking holiday lasting from June 2 to 5, 2022, along with many activities at Buckingham Palace.

However, The Sun reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have given an “ultimatum” to return and join family members at the Great Ceremony next year. The Sussexes planning to attend this event will likely cause “a new headache” for the royal family.

Meghan Markle and her husband gave a new ultimatum to the Queen of England, causing public outrage and headaches for the royal family - Photo 1.

The Sussexes want to return to celebrate the Queen’s 70th anniversary.

” Harry  and Meghan want to be present at this event. The trouble they have caused is enough to cause headaches for the royal family and everything will be very awkward and awkward.

Where will they be placed if they appear? What activities will you both attend? Do we have to arrange for them to stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to admire the air show? “, a person involved in the preparations for the grand ceremony told The Sun.

This person identified Platinum Julibee as an event to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years of reigning over the country. There are many questions being asked about what to do with Meghan and Harry when they return to the royal family. If they do not welcome the Sussexes, it will be an excuse for Meghan and Harry to continue attacking the royal family while the Queen always affirms that she will open the door to welcome them back.

Meghan Markle and her husband gave a new ultimatum to the Queen of England, causing public outrage and headaches for the royal family - Photo 2.

The Queen of England is facing a lot of pressure caused by the Sussex family.

Although Buckingham Palace has not yet announced a list of who will attend the Queen’s important event, many people believe that the Sussexes will find a way to shine and it is likely that Harry and Meghan’s two children will join the Queen. first appeared in public with royal family members.

Although the Sussex family has caused a lot of scandal and carried out attacks on the family, their two children are still royal descendants and it is difficult for the Queen of England to refuse. To date, the British Royal Family has not responded to the above information. Meanwhile, public opinion opposes the Sussexes’ return because they believe the couple does not deserve to be welcomed after what has been done.

Besides, it remains open whether Prince Harry will return on July 1 to attend the inauguration of a new statue of his mother Diana on the occasion of her 60th birthday. Russell Myers, the Mirror’s royal editor, commented that although Harry is looking forward to this event, he will likely have to cancel his plans to return home because his wife Meghan Markle is due to give birth to a daughter in the next few weeks and will need her husband to stay. next to.

Many people had hoped that Harry’s return home to attend the statue’s unveiling could help mend his relationship with his brother William. The relationship between the two princes has become tense since Harry withdrew from royal duties last year and moved with his wife and children to the United States.

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