Harry Decided To Self-Destruct With the British Royal Family. That Decision Is…

Harry decided to change the communications team, recruiting experienced people to the PR team to develop his career in America.

According to People , Meghan Markle and Prince Harry changed the staff. Former Director of Global Communications Miranda Barbot was promoted to Vice President of Programs and Communications Operations.

In her place, Charlie Gipson and Kyle Boulia join the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s office as communications directors.

Charlie Gipson acts as a liaison for European media agencies. Before that, Gipson had 20 years of experience in the media industry. During two decades of working in brand management and public relations, Gipson had time to PR for Instagram, Samsung and HARIBO.

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Harry and Meghan Markle develop their careers in America.

A few weeks earlier, Meghan and Prince Harry quietly launched sussex.com. The website documents the philanthropic journey, linking to the Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions.

Meghan Markle also launched a new brand called American Riviera Orchard. The source said the duchess is excited about her new personal business project, which focuses on family, cooking and home decoration.

In addition, the Sussexes also signed a production contract with Netflix. A project led by Meghan, the content revolves around the daily life of the duchess. Another series focuses on Harry’s life and the sport of polo.

The change in personnel and recruitment of people with experience in the media industry to the Sussex PR team has attracted attention. Harry’s public renunciation of his right to reside in the UK is said to be the PR direction of the new team, focusing on development in the US.

According to People, Harry signed a document choosing America as his place of residence after the British Royal Family expelled the duke and his wife from Frogmore Cottage (Elizabeth II’s wedding gift to her grandson, and also the official residence of Harry and his wife). in the UK).

In an interview with Good Morning America, Harry said he loves life in California, USA. He opened up about wanting to become an American citizen, while the duke has been doing so since June 2023, one day after being kicked out of Frogmore Cottage.

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