Catherine’s HEARTBREAKING Decision About Louis’ Problem Moved William To Tearfully Apologize

Princess Catherine is reportedly doing well in the initial rounds of her cancer treatment, as indicated by her most recent engagements with Queen Camila being announced. Additionally, she is said to be extremely excited to resume her responsibilities as a member of the royal family as soon as possible. However, Princess Katherine and Prince William are facing significant choices prior to Prince Louis’s sixth birthday. Unlike in past years, they have chosen not to share a photo of their youngest son on his sixth birthday to preserve his privacy and shield him from the spotlight.

This decision was made due to the weight of Catherine’s ongoing health battles coupled with the scrutiny surrounding family photos, which has taken a toll on both Prince William and Princess Catherine. While Princess Katherine reportedly underwent preventative chemotherapy not long ago and is doing well, the couple still intends to celebrate their son’s birthday by sharing a stunning new portrait of him, a practice passed down from generation to generation.

However, due to a recent Photoshop controversy involving the royal couple, they are uncertain about who will photograph their next picture. While Princess Catherine is known to be a passionate photographer responsible for the charming announcements of all her children, they are hoping that subsequent photographers will face less criticism.

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