On His Birthday, Prince William Received a New Threat From Meghan Markle And Her Husband, Making Public Opinion Angry

On the day he turned a new age, Prince William had to receive unhappy news from his younger brother Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

On June 21,  Prince William  officially turned 38 years old with a set of happy photos with his three children. However, on this happy day, the father of three faced an unpleasant threat from the Sussex family.

Accordingly, a source close to the royal family said that the Sussex family’s new book coming out in August will contain information unfavorable to Prince William, the future king of England.

The couple’s book “Finding Freedom” will be stories surrounding the Sussexes’ withdrawal from their roles as senior members of the royal family.

The book will certainly enhance the image of this couple and place all responsibility on the British royal family. In which Prince William was also drawn in. The book will portray the Duke of Cambridge as a “bad guy” and the main cause of the rift between the two British princes.

On his birthday today, Prince William welcomes the "threat" news from Meghan Markle and her husband makes public opinion angry - Photo 1.

The Sussex family may defame Prince William’s image in the new book.

The Sussex family’s defamation of William will be a shock to the royal family and the Cambridge family. Royal aides worry that the new book will tarnish the image of Britain’s future king.

” The royal family is worried that William will become ugly in the new book. This should not happen to a future king. The book could cause heavy losses to the royal family ,” a source told good,

Instead of receiving birthday wishes from his brother and his wife, Prince William received shocking news about their upcoming book. This unfavorable information was intentionally released on the occasion of the Duke of Cambridge’s birthday, showing that this is not a good intention from the Sussex family, which has a habit of overshadowing others on their big day. .

On his birthday today, Prince William welcomes the "threat" news from Meghan Markle and her husband makes public opinion angry - Photo 2.

Prince William was threatened by the Sussexes on his new year celebration.

Many people believe that if the Sussex family defames Prince William, they will encounter a wave of opposition more fierce than ever and that will be the end of the British prince’s brotherhood. Prince William is considered an exemplary royal figure, if he were drawn into the vortex of the Sussex family’s ambitions it would be unacceptable. The most accurate answer will be found next August when the book is officially launched.

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