Kate Middleton epic fight with William as he try to take George away from her and the family palace

The Princess of Wales has for nearly 72 hours now dominated the thoughts, discussions, the internet, social media channels, newspapers, and a significant amount of the world’s available headspace. Welcome viewers to my Channel. Please subscribe, like my video, and turn on notifications so you don’t miss our next update. Obviously, the 42-year-old has cancer, a reality that she revealed in a two-minute video that made the Earth tilt slightly on its axis. The princess, who is undergoing preventative chemotherapy, has been everywhere, as have stories featuring Prince William’s heartwarming dedication to putting his family first.

Quite, this is not unlike any previous Prince of Wales ever; men whose idea of nurturing was taking their high school children, just ever children, off to do a bit of roistering in France and to show them the finer points of looting. I’m talking about Prince George, the future Prince of Wales, and perhaps the world’s most memorable prince to have his own authority multi-dimensional image. Imagine how long George IIth will save from having to actually go to Blackpool to shake hands at public events when he can just beam himself in from the comfort of his Buckingham Royal Palace unit. Great stuff!

Assuming Kate’s eagerness to be open about her struggles and the strain is entirely in the vein of Diana, Princess of Wales, then George is unfortunately going to emulate his dad William’s example. George is currently the same age, or somewhere around there, when William had to watch his mom’s anguish play out all over the world to witness as well. Kensington Palace has minced no words about the centrality of the ruler and Princess of Ribs’ three small kids in how the events of recent days have played out.

As The Times reported, when The Sovereign and Princess of Wales considered how to admit to Kate’s cancer diagnosis, their most significant question was not “how do we tell the world,” but “how do we tell the children.

The release of Kate’s video was timed to coincide with George, his sister Princess Charlotte, and little rascal Prince Louis setting off on their Easter holidays. As for The Sunday Times Roy and Niika, the couple wanted to avoid an announcement while they were still at school. Now, right after the video, the family has retreated to their Nori home and Mer hall, as per the message, where they can set up defenses.

Meaning for the next 3 weeks, The Sovereign and Princess can protect and shield their little ones, as a palace source told The Sunday Times, “George is 10 now and can’t be shielded from any of this anymore when it’s at the school gate and in the school playground, he won’t be able to avoid it.”

The image of William and his brother, Prince Harry, walking through the quiet streets of London behind their mom’s casket in 1997 is burned in our collective memory, a hauntingly horrible piece of Regal theater that if anyone else attempted it, social workers would have reached out notwithstanding.

Even before this terrible, unbelievable Misfortune, the young prince knew quite much about suffering as his mom’s miseries played out in public, and his parents’ marriage broke down on paper front pages and on television screens. Many days, the mid-90s saw the UK media invaded by the endless conflict of The Ridges, the endless tit for tatting his Charles and Diana fought for the upper moral hand and the sympathy vote of Brits. It was a ruthless and fierce conflict.

At a Sandringham evening party in the mid-1990s, Charles told guests, “the last thing I think that I should do is get up in the morning and read what my ridiculous, crazy wife has been doing,” according to Tina Brown’s The Diana Chronicles. No in 1992, when The Sovereign was 12 years old, State leader John Major stood up in Parliament and announced his parents were separating. In 1994, Charles

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