She is worried for her children

EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle’s fear for Archie and Lilibet growing up ‘deprived’ of key thing thanks to her

Meghan Markle is still ‘furious at the way she was treated’ when she worked in the royal family – but does fear her children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet could grow to resent her for her position, a royal expert claims

Meghan Markle worries that her children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet could grow up to “blame her” if they are “deprived” of the chance to be working royals in the UK, a royal expert claims.

The Duchess of Sussex is said to be missing “some aspects” of life in the UK while still remaining “furious at the way she was treated” – but also harbours concerns that her children may blame her for their absence from the country, according to royal author and expert Tom Quinn.

Meghan, who stepped back from Royal duties with Prince Harry in 2020 and relocated to Montecito, California with their two children, Archie and Lilibet, is reportedly still angry about her experience during her time as part of the Royal family in Britain.

But the former Suits star’s distance from the UK and the Royal Family has led to her worries that her children might grow to resent her for their lack of relationship with their paternal grandparents and cousins.

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Meghan cries during the royal couple's Netflix documentary while Harry looks worried beside her on a sofa
Meghan cries during the royal couple’s Netflix documentary( Image: Getty Images)
Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Mr Quinn claimed: “On the other hand, we should always remember that phrase – ‘never say never,’ because it will come back to haunt you when you change your mind, especially if you are a public figure like Meghan. A friend of the couple – one of Meghan’s few aristocratic friends from her time in the UK – told me Meghan does miss some aspects of life in the UK and worries that her children will blame her if they never get to see their cousins and feel as adults that they have been deprived of what might have been a fun and meaningful existence in the UK as working royals.”

However, Mr Quinn added: “It will be a long time before Meghan reappears in the UK. She has already publicly stated that she will not return to the UK, and her friends insist she is still furious at the way she feels she was treated during her time in Britain.”

Meghan and Harry The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Archie and Lilibet
Meghan and Harry live in California with their two children Archie and Lilibet( Image: Getty Images)

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex arrives to open 'Oceania' at the Royal Academy of Arts on September 25, 2018 in London, England. 'Oceania' is the first-ever major survey of Oceanic art to be held in the United Kingdom.
Meghan during her time as a working royal, opening ‘Oceania’ at the Royal Academy of Arts on September 25, 2018 in London ( Image: Getty Images)
Hot on the heels of this revelation, Meghan has unveiled her first offering from her new high-end lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard. The Duchess first teased her brand on March 14, but details had been scarce until now, leaving Royal enthusiasts eager for a glimpse at the promised homewares and condiments.

But the wait is over as Meghan has launched her inaugural product for American Riviera Orchard, with news breaking that she dispatched 50 jars of artisanal strawberry jam to friends and online influencers this Monday. Recipients of these exclusive samples have taken to social media to flaunt the quaint jars, complete with handwritten labels emblazoned with the American Riviera Orchard emblem and ‘Montecito’ below, plus the inscription “17 of 50”, hinting at a limited edition run.

Meghan could potentially face competition from her estranged Royal family with her first product, strawberry jam. Internet users have noted that Meghan’s brother-in-law, Prince William, already has a strawberry jam product from his Duchy of Cornwall estate on sale at Waitrose for £2.80 per jar.

The Mirror has contacted representatives for Meghan Markle for comment on this story.

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