How Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban deal with their daughters’ separation

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are two of the celebrities that are in the most demand, with the former spending a significant amount of time filming a variety of movies.

While all is going on, the later performer keeps up his residency in Las Vegas and travels the world.

In spite of the fact that both of their lives are quite busy, they have, as previous examples have shown, through the years discovered the secret to having a successful marriage.

Keith recently discussed the challenge of juggling their packed schedules while still finding time for each other and their family in an interview with Extra.

He stated, “We travel quite a bit in order to be at home.” “So, I’m going to play, and then I’m going to fly home. Even if it’s the wee hours of the morning, you can find me at home.

“She will behave in the same manner. “We are so fortunate to be able to travel like that,” Keith stated before adding musingly, “It’s like a dream.”

However, we did it because we value our relationship with one another.

Even though he has held other residencies on the Strip, he gushed in an interview with Extra about how this one has a “looser energy” than the others, which is what convinced him to remain.

The famous couple, who are the parents of daughters Sunday, 14, and Faith, 12, were able to make it to the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

In hundreds of photos together, the two can be seen smiling and happy to be at the event, which was

made all the more memorable by the fact that not only was it an adorable reunion, but Keith was also there to show his support for Nicole, who was the one who gave the award for Best Director on that particular evening.

They were, without a doubt, the epitome of the power couple. They made sure that no one would forget it by clinging to one another, kissing for the photographers, and even refusing to let go of one another’s hands. On social media, a number of their images quickly gained widespread attention.

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