Jennifer Aniston Steps Out in Wool Pants with a Train Hanging Out from Them, Sparkling Mixed Reactions

Many people have strong opinions on Jennifer Aniston’s recent Critic’s Choice Awards attendance, and her outfit choice has generated a lot of buzz.

Aniston, who became famous for her portrayal of Rachel Green in “Friends,” demonstrated her continued impact on the entertainment world by attending the esteemed event.

At the Critic’s Choice Awards, Jennifer Aniston walked the red carpet in an elegant Dolce & Gabbana creation, complete with feather bustier,

light wool slacks, and a matching train that hung from her waist. But this style statement became the target of criticism.

Many people had different thoughts about Aniston’s attire after she added a train to it.

The utility of the drape-like detail on her slacks was questioned by an onlooker.

Another person wondered why Aniston only wore black, implying that her thin form would look great in a variety of colors.

One more person said, “Jen needs a new stylist.”

Some have called Aniston’s style “boring” and said that her followers would like it if she wore more colorful and vibrant clothes. What another reviewer said was that her “pants just don’t really go with that gorgeous top.”

On the other hand, there were those who gushed about Aniston’s style, with one calling it “One of the most gorgeous looks” they’d ever laid eyes on. Furthermore, a supporter voiced their wish for Aniston to branch out from her typical color palette.

The chat between Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres four years ago was the inspiration for her Critic’s Choice Awards outfit. Amidst the COVID-19 quarantine, Aniston made a passing reference to organizing her wardrobe. Notably, she still wears the same clothing that Monica wore on “Friends,” something she freely confesses to doing even now.

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