A Girl On The Plane Was Saved By A Flight Attendant

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“At first, I sensed that something was off. He was much more mature than the girl sitting next to him, and he reacted violently to any movement around him. I’m happy I was able to intervene quickly and save a life.” Here’s what really went down:

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“You end up spending a lot of time with individuals when working as a flight attendant.”

“This is how you are able to determine a man’s character and intentions right away. From the scenario in which you know you will have issues with a specific individual during the journey to the one in which you will have to take care of another because he is terrified and might be hurt at any time.”

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Sheila Frederick, 49, has been a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines for over 15 years.

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While on the road from Seattle to San Francisco, she saw a young woman accompanied by an older, somewhat menacing man. The young lady, who looked to be around 14 or 15, was clearly afraid.

Little girl took her trusty Sheila with her on the plane that would change her life forever. In a horrible situation, the good you need could come from anywhere.

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“I had a pretty odd impression of this girl. I sensed that there was a problem. The fact that the girl was so badly dressed in comparison to the male was the first indication.” Too much of a difference, Sheila thinks.

The female protagonist took an active role, deciding to face the two suspects. Nothing was spoken by the girl, and the male took a defensive stance.

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Sheila backed away and thought of a new approach to check in with the young lady and see if everything was all right.

Once the girl had finished using the facilities, she went to double-check the message she had left behind in the plane’s toilet “I need help,” she wrote.

As soon as the lady saw the ticket, she grabbed the phone and rang 9-1-1. Investigating the person after they landed led to the discovery that he was apparently involved in prostitution, resulting to his detention.

And the young lady was very fortunate to have Sheila as her guardian.

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