Susan Boyle needs our prayers.

Susan Boyle, an actress, is transparent about her health.

The Scottish singer who initially became famous on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 made a surprise appearance on Sunday’s season 4 finals. After her performance, Boyle revealed that she had suffered a stroke the previous year.

She joined the West End cast of Les Miserables in order to play “I Dreamed a Dream,” the song that made her famous when she first debuted in the talent competition.

Boyle, 62, said of her performance, “It feels amazing. I have a special connection to it because I suffered a small stroke there in April of last year.

She continued, “I’ve worked really hard to come back on stage. And I finished it.

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Simon Cowell, the show’s creator and chief judge, praised Boyle for her tenacity after she gave a health update. “Susan, we owe you so much and I knew you weren’t feeling well, but if anyone was going to come back you were going to come back because it wouldn’t be the same without you,” continued 63-year-old Cowell.

The singer of “Wild Horses” also talked about singing live again on social media. She shared pictures from the unforgettable evening on her Instagram. She continued, “I had the honor of performing with the wonderful cast of @lesmizofficial tonight at @bgt.” This occasion was even more significant to me because I had a stroke in April 2022.

The last line of her message was, “Tonight my hard work & perseverance paid off, singing the song that started it all, ‘I Dreamed A Dream.’” I’ve been working really hard over the past year to regain my speech and singing with the sole goal of performing on stage once more.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a stroke occurs when the blood supply to a specific area of the brain is interrupted or reduced. Stroke symptoms can range from a headache to paralysis, difficulty speaking and comprehending others, among others.

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