Candace Cameron Bure Doesn’t Allow Daughter to Post Pouting Pics & Supports Traditional Family — Her Outlook

Candace Cameron Bure, known for her Christian faith and family values, shares her life with her husband, Valeri Bure, and their three children.

The actress, who believes in a traditional and Christian family, doesn’t allow her daughter to pose pouting pictures on social media.

Candace has been open about her intimate life with her husband as much as her kids have had enough of this.

Candace Cameron Bure is an actress who prioritizes her Christian faith and family life. She is married to Valeri Bure, and they share three kids, Natasha, 25, Lev, 23, and Maksim, 21. The actress raises her kids to know God.

Due to her busy acting schedule, she is often asked how she manages to run everything, including her career, motherhood, and being a wife. Candace’s response is that everything runs smoothly because the choices she makes in life are grounded in the foundation that she is Christian.

“For me God comes first,” she said. When Candace and her husband got married, they were lukewarm Christians. However, during their marriage, Candace’s faith evolved, and she began knowing God more and going to church regularly. However, her husband was a bit resistant at first, but he later wanted to be as close to God as Candace was, and soon, they got baptized together.The actress has also authored a book, “Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose,” which explains how faith guides her through her busy life. Even when choosing acting roles, Candace will only play a controversial character, such as a sex worker, if there is something redeeming about the role or within the story.

In 2017, the “Fuller House,” actress revealed that she was getting uncomfortable with having to kiss a new guy in each Hallmark Channel movie that she had a role in. “I don’t want to keep doing this,” she lamented.

Valeri also doesn’t like it when his wife kisses new guys in movies. Candace said her husband doesn’t watch anything she does for this reason. Her husband doesn’t want to have to tell her to stop kissing or quit her job, but he also doesn’t want to watch her doing it. “I respect that. And that’s boundaries,” Candace noted.

For years, Candace was the queen of romance-comedy secular Christmas movies aired on Hallmark Channel. However, in 2022, she took a role at the Great American Family, a channel for God and country holiday entertainment. The channel also focuses on Christian movies, and its audience is people who believe Hollywood is ruining Christmas.

So, Candace joined the Great American Family to put Christianity back in Christmas movies and narrate stories that have more meaning and depth. She appreciated that this channel is run by Christians who love God and want to boost faith programming and good family entertainment. “I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core,” she added.

Candace’s daughter Natasha, an actress, headlined her first Christmas movie in November 2023. Natasha took a leading role and first film when she starred in “A Christmas for the Ages,” which aired on the Great American Family. Candace executive produced the film.

In her book, Candace also opens up about being a wife and parenting. She follows the Bible verse that urges wives to respect their husbands and husbands to love their wives. So, Candace lets her husband be the leader by respecting him, and in return, she is loved in a caring and sensitive way.

Candace makes these choices, knowing that men and women are different. Even when she finds it hard, the actress strives to respect Valeri, who she says is the leader of their family and makes most family decisions as much as sometimes he consults her, and they compromise on things.

So many people think Candace’s way of running a family is old-fashioned and traditional, but she likes it. “I’m a very strong woman and an opinionated woman but I don’t think a marriage is at its best when you have two people vying for the same position so someone has to yield at some point and ultimately I will defer to my husband,” she argued.

Candace became a full-time mom when she welcomed her kids and stopped working, something she had been doing since she was five. The actress, who has been vocal about the dangers of vaccination and vaccinating children, realized she couldn’t raise her kids the way she wanted and still work, so she chose to put her career on hold for ten years.

The transition was hard, but with the help of God, she made up her mind that she would spend many years of her life being a mom because her kids were important to her. Her helpful family also made things easier. “I honestly didn’t even think I would have such a supportive husband and children at this point in my life and career, but they have been phenomenal cheerleaders,” she gushed.

Candace, who once defended her brother, Kirk Cameron, for breaking COVID-19 safety guidelines and laws, is a stickler for rules. The actress doesn’t like it when her daughter posts revealing photos as much as she also shares her Instagram pictures of herself in swimsuits. When her daughter was a teenager, she would make her take down pouting photos.

The actress also figured that the internet is full of creepy people who can look at her daughter’s revealing photos in a perverted way. However, she never banned social media in her house; she just put rules in place, which, if the kids broke, there were consequences.

Candace’s daughter loves dressing decently like the actress. In 2023, Natasha announced on her Instagram story that she had changed her mode of dressing and would be showing less skin going forward, as dressing classy and upholding modesty was beautiful and made her feel more confident. However, after sharing this post, Natasha, a singer, showed off her body and skin in a swimsuit on an Instagram post while on vacation in Austin.

As much as Candace is strict about what her kids post on social media, she lets her kids make mistakes. As they get older, she lets them make their decisions and use the wisdom she instilled in them to navigate the world and the consequences of their actions.

American dancer Jojo Siwa once shared a video on TikTok, noting that Candace is the rudest celebrity she has ever met. However, on social media, Candace spreads good vibes and proudly wears her Christian hat. One of her Instagram posts shows the actress in a shirt written, “Jesus Saves, Bro.” The actress also considers herself a generally positive and happy person.

Candace, who has shared her opinion on gay marriage, has kept her union with her husband going by having a shared faith in God. The two are also very intimate, with the actress saying that they “have sex any time of the day,” even when their kids are home. They just make sure their children cannot pick up their bedroom door’s lock.

Candace and Valeri have aced their sex life, something she loves talking about such that now her kids beg her to stop talking about sex all the time. One time, the actress came under fire when she posted a picture of her and her husband celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary. In one of the pictures, Valeri had his hand over her breast.

As much as this picture angered some people, Candace said she found it fun, cute, and silly, so she asked her husband if she could post it, which is how it ended up on her Instagram page. “It was all in good fun,” she explained. The actress defended this picture as much as some followers felt she was a Christian who should only post modest pictures.

Candace and Valeri’s secret to a long and happy marriage is to have fun, flirt with each other, love, respect, and communicate with one another. The two, who have been married for 27 years, also keep a healthy and active interest in each other’s passions. Their relationship has only gotten better ever since they tied the knot in 1996.

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