Man revitalizes abandoned cabin in the woods that’s been vacant for over 100 years

On his YouTube channel, a crafty guy named “99 Projects” has been buying broken heavy-duty construction equipment and fixing them afterward.

He’s already bought a bulldozer, an excavator, a dump truck, a chainsaw, a tractor, and a road grader.

And you wouldn’t believe what he just recently bought.

He purchased an old cabin in the woods that has been abandoned for over a century!

This guy is such a risk-taker.

Who would seriously buy an old property in the middle of the woods, let alone a house that’s been vacant for over 100 years?

For those who have already tried renovating a house, it’s more than just reconstructing a house.

If you ever plan on taking home renovation as a project, you must also consider other factors that are as important as the renovation process itself.

Thankfully, this man has enough knowledge and experience and he definitely knows what he is doing.

The crafty guy went for a quick tour and discovered the severity of the damages inside and outside his newly acquired house.

Wasting no time, he started his project by providing himself with a good space outside.

Having a good space to work on outside will tremendously help him in starting his project. It will also, somehow, speed up the entire process because having a spacious area to work on will help him to go in and out of the house much easier.

With the help of his mini excavator, he managed to knock down a couple of trees outside. After that, he went ahead and got rid of everything old and rotten inside the house, leaving only the skeletal foundation of it.

But then, he noticed something odd – the floor wasn’t leveled.

He went back down and fixed it by installing additional floor joists and added support to keep the floor leveled and steady.

One YouTube viewer shared a suggestion in the comment section.

“I was a bit worried when I saw you gutting the interior first but I think you stopped and had a think and rightly started in the basement levelling up the floor. I would start with the piles, and check that every pile is solid on a solid base and is level throughout the house then you can level up the joists and bearers. This will level the whole structure and amazingly you will suddenly find that windows and doors will open and close without jamming. Next, I would repair the roof until it is completely watertight now you have the top and bottom sorted you can continue with the interior. It’s a lovely old cabin and deserves your best efforts to make it live again.”

Another viewer somehow had the same idea.

“The very first thing that he needs to do is have the foundation checked along with all of the main support beams that are holding up the lower floors and the walls and then the roof’s main support beams. Most likely those will have to be shored up or replaced. He may need to have the house leveled again. The roof and porch will basically need to be torn down and rebuilt. To check your home for leveling — you can use a visual method which is to check to see how all of the doors and windows close and open, are they fitting properly inside the frame? If all of your doors and windows close evenly in the frames, your home is pretty level.”

Looks like his subscribers can also give him a hand by sharing their expertise and years of experience in home construction.

Can’t wait to see what’s next? Then you should watch the video below to see the first part of this home renovation project.

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