Adorably Renovated Historic Tiny House with Barbie flair

Twenty-something Mallory lives in a unique, historic tiny house on foundation. She calls it “Mal’s Mushroom House.” Built in the 1930s, it’s a not-so-tiny 500-square-foot cobblestone home with whimsical flair. She adorably renovated it with accent walls, small space storage solutions, and Barbie-inspired decor.

“When I first toured it, it was, I mean, everything was gray, like everything in here was gray, the walls, the floor. There was not a lot in here. Truly, I only had to change things cosmetically because everything was functioning. It was perfectly livable, although there are a lot of appliances I don’t have. So while not ideal, it was in perfect shape.” -Mallory, @malloryrankin

Upon entering Mallory’s historic tiny house, you’ll immediately notice her quirky kitchen. She created colorful accent walls that would feel at home in Barbie’s dreamhouse. That’s also the case with pink-painted cabinets and pink fridge. Mallory also wrapped countertops with a granite-styled waterproof peel-and-stick adhesive.

Throughout the entire tiny home, Mallory added whimsical mushroom decorations. These are mostly pink and pastel colored to mesh with her Barbie vibes. In the living room, a cozy stone fireplace provides a woodland cabin-like feel. There, she continued her accent wall motif from the kitchen. Also, Mallory painted a flowy mural on the wall behind the couch.

Her lofted bedroom is more mushroom-themed. It’s standing height and has enough room for a queen-size bed, dresser, and portable air conditioner. Mallory added a creative nightstand. She used a fanciful hanging plant stand with a flat base. Surprisingly, off the side of the bedroom is a spacious walk-in closet—perfect for the fashion lover!

It’s important to note that this adorable tiny home was purchased for less than its market value without the need for extensive repairs or updates. However, Mallory chose to add their artistic touch to the home by updating things cosmetically. It still came to around $172,000, thanks to the realities of today’s housing market. But it’s much more affordable than the average home in Wisconsin—about $200,000 less!

The Barbie meets woodland fairytale house style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Though many tiny home enthusiasts can definitely appreciate the creativity that has gone into making this home a charming, cozy reflection of its owner.

Watch the tour of her adorable Tiny House with Barbie flair!

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