This Old Man’s Wife is Hidden in the Image. Can You Find Her in 6 Seconds or Less?

There are very few mental challenges that are as well-loved as optical illusions, by modern netizens. A big reason is that taking on the challenge is usually very simple. At the same time, some of them are quite difficult to solve, even though they may look simple. At the end of the day, optical illusions like locating a hidden figure are some of the simplest methods of testing our visual prowess and attentiveness.


Simply by attempting to solve such a puzzle, you can expect your critical thinking and problem-solving ability to get a boost. Since they usually require effort from both your brain and your eye in equal parts, such hidden figure puzzles also train your perception. Furthermore, puzzles and challenges like this also exercise and enhance our cognition, as they force us to rely on our analytical and logical abilities.

Find The Hidden Figure: Where Is The Old Man’s Wife?

The optical illusion for this day is a hidden figure challenge. Before we head to the image, you can add an optional challenge to make it even tougher for yourself. Try to find the hidden figure in no more than 6 seconds! Are you ready for the challenge? Take a look at this picture:

Hidden figure image to spot the wife
Image Credits: The Sun

Here, we can see an elderly gentleman, all dressed up. However, he also looks a bit distressed. His wife is nowhere to be found. So here is the challenge: find the old man’s wife hiding in this image! Time your start now, if you are up for the 6-second challenge. Best of luck!

Did you find it yet? If you have not, here are some more hints. The wife is most definitely in the picture. However, she may not be present in the way you are searching for. Also, by the old man’s wife, any identifiable part of the wife counts as locating her! Hopefully, these will be enough to spot her.

Time’s up! Did you manage to find her? If not, here she is:

Solution to hidden figure challenge
Image Credits: The Sun

First, only the face of the old man’s wife was present in the picture. Secondly, you had to turn the image upside down to find her. You needed both excellent visual prowess as well as detail to complete the challenge. Let us know if you were successful in the comments below!

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