Dolly Parton Stuns in Outfit During Thanksgiving Day Football Game Halftime Show

Dolly Parton shocked football fans everywhere on Thanksgiving Day when she performed the halftime show of the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Commanders football game.

People were stunned when the 77-year-old music legend took the stage center field wearing a replica Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. Despite her stage malfunctioning during rehearsals, Parton commanded the stage while singing her biggest hits.

People were amazed at how good Dolly looked and sounded during her performance. People in the comments section raved over the legend.

I hope I look like Dolly when I’m older,” one person commented. “She looks better at 77 than I do at 31 lol,” another quipped.

I think she looks incredibly amazing, regardless of her age! She’s an icon, period!”

What did you think of Dolly’s performance?

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