Whoopi Goldberg Gets Heckled Live On Air During Taping Of ‘The View’

The tide is turning against the partisan, insufferable know-nothing hosts of The View, as a courageous audience member blasted Whoopi Goldberg at the beginning of taping for their Wednesday show.

It apparently got the attention of Whoopi and her co-hosts, who immediately had to address the situation before resuming their normal banter.

“We’re happy to see ya’ll. Cool, well, go on and have a seat,” Goldberg stated before turning her attention to the heckler.

“Did you just call me an old broad? Yeah?” she then said. The camera panned to a woman sitting near the front of the stage.

“She said, ‘You old broad,’ and I was like, hey, it’s Wednesday, and I am an old broad, and happy about it,” she remarked, attempting to downplay the insult. Co-host Sonny Hostin chimed in by saying that the term “old broad” was preferable to any alternative slurs.

Indeed, there is no shortage of online commentators that would have used far more descriptive language to heckle the racist and anti-Semitic host.

“The alternative is not attractive to any of us,” Goldberg replied. “We all want to be old broads and old dudes, you know?” It is doubtful anyone wants to be old, let alone an old broad, so clearly Whoopi was just filling air time.

The hilarious heckling was captured on film and can be seen below.


Conservative Brief wrote that Goldberg’s comeuppance is well overdue. In the past year, she has made repeated remarks insinuating that the Holocaust was not about race, despite Hitler’s own comments that he was to exterminate the Jewish race after blaming them for Germany’s problems.

Amazingly, after receiving just a two-week suspension and issuing a non-apology, Whoopi returned to the same talking point more recently this past December.

Goldberg caused controversy in December after making controversial statements again.

She had to apologize again for the comments she made about the Holocaust. As she was promoting her new movie “Till,” about a young black child who was viciously murdered by a gang of white men in 1955, she was asked by a reporter about the comments she made on the show.

Earlier this year, Goldberg was suspended from “The View” for claiming the Holocaust was not about race. She apologized for the comments but in a new interview with the U.K. paper The Sunday Times, it appears her apology may not have been sincere.

And this just had to be said. One of the first Twitter comments appropriately noted that aside from the brief interlude of heckling, no one really came out on top. The Twitter user wrote: “I don’t know what’s  funnier…The old broad comment, or the woman wearing a diaper on her face. Both are clowns.”

Plenty of other comments tempered their own outrage by referring to Whoopi as a clown.

Goldberg really stepped in it and doubled down on historical ignorance when explaining her thinking.

“Remember who they were killing first,” she said in reference to the Nazi regime. “They were not killing racial; they were killing physical. They were killing people they considered to be mentally defective. And then they made this decision.”

When insisting the Holocaust wasn’t about race, after being roundly criticized, she played the American race card by pretending Nazi Germany didn’t have systems in place to identify the Jewish population. “It doesn’t change the fact that you could not tell a Jew on a street,” she said. “You could find me. You couldn’t find them.”

Commenting on her initial suspension, she downplayed everything by pretending her raging ignorance and hatred of facts was a non-issue.

“But you would have thought that I’d taken a big old stinky dump on the table, butt naked,” she said about the suspension. “My best friend said, ‘Not for nothing is there no box on the census for the Jewish race. So that leads me to believe that we’re probably not a race,’” she said.

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