Judges Unsure When Giggly Teen Takes Stage, But When She Opens Mouth…Wow

Just when we think there couldn’t possibly be another incredible performance on America’s Got Talent, someone else takes the stage and blows us away. It’s clear the contestants this season have a tough battle ahead, most notably the singers. Several amazing young singers have already wowed the judges and the audience this season, but last night they were treated to one more memorable performance by Angelina Green.

The young teen was obviously nervous as she spoke to the judges. She giggled and her voice shook as she told judge Heidi Klum that she had just turned 13 and she loved to sing.She shared with the judges that, though she had always loved singing, it was when her parents went through a divorce that she really dove into it, using music to help her through the pain.

“I’ve been singing since forever, but I took it seriously when my parents got divorced and it was really hard for me,” she said. “Music helped me so much.”
While the judges were unsure how the young singer would do, when she opened her mouth it was clear there was much more to Angelina than what first meets the eye. Even notoriously tough judge Simon Cowell’s face softened and he smiled as he listened to her sing The Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You.”

Click below to hear Angelina’s performance for yourself.

“I really, really loved what you just did,” Heidi told Angelina when she was finished. “To me you feel like there’s an old soul inside of that little 13-year-old body, and I really, really loved it.”

In fact, she loved it so much that she gave Angelina the Golden Buzzer, meaning the teen will go straight through to the live round of the show!

Heidi’s choice for her Golden Buzzer was somewhat controversial. Some said they didn’t think Angelina’s performance was that noteworthy.I think what Heidi saw in Angelina was a maturity and depth far beyond her 13 years and the potential to go far.Sam Jillian, one of Angelina’s instructors, was thrilled with Heidi’s choice and said audiences have no idea what they are in for as the season progresses.

“AGT hasn’t even begun to uncover Angie’s talent,” she wrote. “As one of her instructors, I’m telling you, this girl is incredible. I have also never met a more deserving soul. Keep watching. Love you Angie!”

Kristy Kuhl agreed. “She went from 13 year old to ‘an old soul’ while she sang, back to the happy, giggly 13 year old after the song ended,” she said. “She’s something special.”

One thing’s for sure – we can’t wait to see what this talented young lady does next! She definitely has a bright future ahead of her!


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