No Matter What He Tried He Couldn’t Unclog His Toilet So The Ripped Out Of The Ground And Found It

Back in October of last year, a user on the internet discussion site known as Reddit, going by the handle of “cecebird,” shared a story of how his uncle complained about noise coming from the toilet of his hotel room. That noise was only the first sign of problems to come, as the toilet experienced issues with properly draining water and accompanying waste.

After the toilet refused to unclog, hotel staff were alerted to the situation. After the staff’s attempts did nothing to improve the situation, they decided to disconnect the toilet in order to better investigate the problem. What the guests and staff discovered was far worse than any cluster of paper towels or immense hairball; lodged within the toilet’s pipe, right around the object’s base, was the disease-ridden carcass of a large rat.


While some individuals may chalk up the story of a rat escaping the sewers in order to infiltrate a home as merely a myth or something that only happens in poor countries of the Third World, cecebird’s story not only proves that such occurrences are possible but that they can happen in even the most industrial and urban of countries.

The rat in question was discovered within the United States of America, although the hotel’s name and exact location within the U.S.A. have yet to be divulged.

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