Trump Describes Brutal Experience In Fulton County Jail

After being arrested yesterday in Fulton County, Georgia, former President Trump issued a statement today detailing his experience inside the jail. The statement was sent out to supporters via email.

Within the statement, Trump details a brutal scene within the jail. That statement reads as following,

While I was being arrested, I got a firsthand look at the poor and disgraceful conditions of the Fulton It’s violent. The building is falling apart. Inmates have dug their fingers into the crumbling walls and ripped out chunks to fashion over 1,000 shanks.

Just this year alone, 7 inmates have died in that jail.

And beyond the crumbling walls of the jail, the streets of Atlanta are far more dangerous than Chicago’s. Seeing the third world state of that jail made me even more determined to run for President and save our country from permanent decline. It reinforced that I can NEVER – under any circumstances – GIVE UP on our mission to save America. The Silent Majority needs us to win.

Our elected officials do not care that our nation is crumbling to pieces.

Think about it: Democrats just arrested an innocent man – all while real criminals are terrorizing innocent families all across Atlanta.

Instead of working to fix inflation, repair our dilapidated infrastructure, secure our southern border, and clean up our neighborhoods, Crooked Joe has ordered the federal government to use all of its manpower on trying to illegally imprison me for the rest of my life.

I know in my heart that Americans of all walks of life are ready for a President who puts the needs and priorities of our law-abiding, legal citizens first.

And very soon, you WILL have that President once again. 🇺🇸

If you are doing poorly due to these very bad people who are letting America burn to the ground, then please don’t donate.

Trump Describes Brutal Experience In Fulton County Jail
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