Biden Booed In Lake Tahoe (Video)

A group of Americans booed President Joe Biden today in Lake Tahoe. Biden could be seen shuffling towards the press. As Biden shuffles, the booing intensifies.

It appears that Lake Tahoe is rejecting Joe Biden, just like most of America. Biden’s current approval rating sits at just 41.4%.

See the clip of Biden getting booed in Lake Tahoe below…

It seems that as the Biden Justice Department and their cohorts continue to use the justice system to interfere in the 2024 Presidential Election that the American people are not falling for the tricks. America has rejected Joe Biden, and it appears that these indictments are only making Trump that much more popular.

Biden could be seen wandering aimlessly around Lake Tahoe just days ago. We reported on that clip here, or you can watch it below…

By all accounts, this President seems to be completely lost!

Biden Booed In Lake Tahoe (Video)
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