The cause of death for Kyle Jacobs’ husband, Kellie Pickler, was revealed through an autopsy.

Kyle Jacobs, a well-known lyricist and the loving husband of singer Kellie Pickler committed suicide, according to a recent autopsy report. This shocking news has reverberated throughout the music industry and beyond.

According to the complete study, Jacobs, who died on February 17 at the age of 49, had no narcotics in his system.

On the other hand, his medical history revealed a complex set of health difficulties, including a history of pseudoseizures, gastrointestinal bleeding, increased liver enzymes, and a long-standing battle with chronic alcohol consumption.

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According to, pseudoseizures, also known as PNES, are seizures that resemble epileptic episodes but are due to psychological rather than neurological causes.

Taste of Country was the first to report the awful news, which left fans and industry peers in shock and deep sorrow. The passing of such a talented and well-respected person has broken many people’s hearts.

The Nashville Police Department acknowledged in a February statement that they received an alarm from a neighborhood residence at roughly 1:21 p.m. on that fateful day.

Law enforcement and the Nashville Fire Department responded quickly, only to learn that the talented songwriter had already died. At the time, the statement stated that the apparent cause of death was suicide and that an extensive investigation had been undertaken to shed light on this tragedy.

Kellie Pickler, the host of SiriusXM’s The Highway and a significant player in the country music community, described her traumatic experience that day. She claimed that she awoke just before Jacob but could not find him.

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She and her assistant attempted to enter a specific room in their home, but their efforts were futile. As a result, they called the police, seeking assistance in this challenging position.

Jacobs moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Nashville in 2000 to pursue his aspirations in the burgeoning country music culture, according to Music City Hitmakers, an organization dedicated to developing musical talent.

Kyle Jacobs has left an indelible stamp on the music industry, having written several well-known songs that have struck a chord with countless listeners. His songwriting credits include Tim McGraw’s heartbreaking ballad “Still” and Garth Brooks’ 2007 chart-topping smash “More Than Memory.”

In addition to these notable artists, Jacobs has contributed to the works of Clay Walker, Josh Kelley, Scotty McCreery, Kelly Clarkson, Randy Travis, and many others, demonstrating his versatility and creative skill.

Throughout his remarkable career, Jacobs was nominated for numerous top awards, including the Grammy, CMA, and ACM awards. These honors reflected his extraordinary songwriting ability and his songs’ tremendous impact on the country music world.

After dating since 2008, Jacobs proposed to Pickler on June 15, 2010, on a romantic beach getaway in Florida. Pickler, an American Idol veteran, reflected on that particular event, saying, “It was the most spiritual time of my life.” We would have married if a pastor had passed by that night!”

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In light of this devastating loss and the tremendous toll that mental health disorders may exact, we must prioritize our well-being and reach out to those in need.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Texting “STRENGTH” to the same number can also provide hope and aid through these trying times.

Remember that working together can create an environment of compassion, understanding, and resilience, providing solace and support.

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