Blind, three-legged kitten finds her forever home on National Kitten Day

National Kitten Day was this week, a day to celebrate all the world’s precious little cats. And it turned out to be a day worth celebrating for one disabled kitten, who ended up finally finding her forever home against all odds.

Noodle has been in the care of the Greenville Humane Society, in South Carolina, since May, when the rescue took her and her siblings in after they were hit by a car. Sadly the other siblings didn’t make it, leaving Noodle the only survivor.

The two-month-old kitten had a severe break in her leg, and while they did everything they could to save it, the leg ultimately had to be amputated.

Sadly, that wasn’t the end of Noodle’s health troubles: during a spay surgery, her heart suddenly stopped. Though vets quickly stepped in to revive her, she lost vision in both eyes and it’s unlikely she will recover.

She has since been adjusting to life with three legs and no eyesight. But despite everything, Noodle never lost her spirit: “Even with everything she’s been through, she’s still a sweet, friendly 3.5-month-old kitten,” Greenville Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

Noodle went up for adoption. While it can often be a challenge to find a home for disabled animals, the shelter hoped that there was a home out there for sweet Noodle. On July 10, they shared her story in honor of National Kitten Day.

Remarkably, Noodle soon found a home: just an hour after sharing the post, Greenville Humane posted an update that Noodle’s new family was filling out the paperwork to adopt her!

Soon, Noodle was on her way home, where she will have a loving family and two cat siblings.

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