Susan Boyle And Jackie Evancho Sing Their Rendition Of ‘The Prayer’ And Silence The Crowd

Susan Boyle has gave a magnificent performance during her auditions back in 2009, her beautiful journey as a woman trying to pursue her dreams, or her albums — Susan is always well-received and has a strong fan following. Although she grabbed attention for the wrong reasons when she first debuted on “Britain’s Got Talent,” the audience and judges saw the star within her and gave her a chance.

After being the butt-end of a lot of jokes because of her appearance, and the fact that she had never been kissed and was well in her 40s, Susan came out of that show stronger than ever. She’s a successful singer, a wonderful performer, a humble person, and now, a fan favorite.

It’s needless to say that there are so many artists out there who probably want to collaborate with her to sing a duet. And although there are some lucky singers who have had the privilege, we usually see Susan singing solo, and her songs blow her audience away every single time.

In this particular song though, there is a young singer who pairs up with Susan to give the world a unique rendition of “The Prayer.” After singers like Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion came together for this iconic song, Susan and child singer Jackie Evancho paired together to give the audience their version of the classic.

It’s an underestimation to say that their voices sound divine. Although Jackie is still a child star, you can see that her vocals match up to those of Susan’s and they both compliment each others’ voices beautifully! It seems like both ladies, individually, could have done justice to this song but for them to collaborate and work as a team to deliver it, is truly amazing.The performance below is definitely a treat for all Susan and Jackie fans is a must-listen for everyone that has a good ear for music, in general. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.


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