Mom delivers identical quadruplets during pandemic – and they’re beautiful

When Jenny Marr’s obstetrician had an odd expression on her face during the initial ultrasound, Jenny would have been excused for thinking there was something wrong with her unborn child.

She had no idea that Dr. Lauren Murray would drastically alter both her and her partner’s lives.

Everyone who has seen a sonographer while expecting a baby understands how both anxious and thrilling it can be.

It is really emotional to see anything appear on that black screen and realize it is a living thing. However, it was all of those things and much more for Jenny Marr and her companion Chris.



The Grapevine, Texas, couple had been trying to conceive for some months when they first met. But when Jenny did become pregnant, Chris and she experienced the shock of their lives at a routine ultrasound.

Jenny discovered she wasn’t carrying a single child at that point.

I was like, ‘Oh my, there’s no heartbeat,’ Jenny said on TODAY. “No, there is a heartbeat,” she responds. ‘Y’all, there’s three babies in there,’ she exclaims. And we were stunned beyond belief.

Naturally, Jenny and her partner Chris were stunned, but the surprises kept coming.



They went to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for a follow-up appointment a week later on November 19, 2019, and the ultrasound technician gave them the same strange look.

The technician who was performing the initial scan gave me a strange look. ‘Oh, what’s happening now,’ we thought. We began to worry once more,” Chris said on TODAY.

She was quite adorable. ‘I’m not meant to,’ she remarked.

In just seven days, they’d gone from expecting one baby to being told they were having FOUR.

“I made the joke that I’m not coming back because there will be five babies the next time,” Chris remarked. We were only surprised. It was simpler to take four instead of three. Soon after, we learned that they were in good health.

According to Dr. Lauren Murray and her associates, there are between 1 in 11 million and 1 in 15 million births that result in identical, spontaneous quadruplets. incredibly uncommon, to put it simply.

It’s incredible. It won’t happen again in my professional life. Because of the odds at play, I advised the girl to buy a few lottery tickets, Murray recalled. What a miracle, I tell you.

Despite risks that one of the babies could pull nutrients away from the others, thus requiring surgery and causing problems, it turned out that this quartet were perfectly ready to share.

The infants were excellent at sharing. No indications on the ultrasonography even before that indicated that we would be concerned about one, two, or three of them being much smaller, according to Murray.

Jenny had birth at 28.5 weeks on March 15 as a result.

Despite her best efforts, she was forced to deliver before 33 weeks. Although the babies were born at the start of the coronavirus mayhem, her C-section went smoothly.

First to arrive was baby Harrison, who weighed 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Following Hudson, who weighed 1 pound 15 ounces, came Hardy, who weighed 2 pounds 10 ounces, followed by Henry, who weighed 2 pounds 6.7 ounces.

“They were all born in three minutes. It’s incredible,” Jenny said. “We called them our baby birds because they really looked like baby birds.”

Three of the four stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for 10 weeks to receive oxygen, amongst other things. In early May, though, they came home … and Jenny and Chris couldn’t be happier.

When a year had passed, Jenny talked to DFW Child and gave an update on how her quadruplets were doing.

”They’re all crawling. I have two who will be walking in the next month probably, which means the other two aren’t far behind. They’re into everything. They’re dirty and messy. They’re already such little boys! Eating is just shoveling food into their face as fast as they possibly can. They’re funny and just sweet as can be.”

“We just hope that this little story and our boys bring as much joy to everybody as they bring to us,” Jenny explained.

Today, the quadruplets have turned 3 years and they seemed to be thriving.

Jenny has created an Instagram account where anyone can follow the family’s journey. She has 140,000 followers and Jenny, who previously worked as a dental assistant, often posts updates and shares glimpses of the Marr family’s everyday life – and it’s a busy one!

With such a unique birth, it is natural that many people have questions and are curious about Jenny’s family and birth experience. Jenny says she conceived these boys without any medical or medication assistance.

Many people also ask Jenny how she’s coping with four lively boys.

”I don’t know anything different, and I don’t really have another option! My family had preschools when I was growing up, and 8 weeks was the starting age. I used to sit in with the preschool babies. I was around kids so much that it is like second nature to take care of children,” Jenny says.

”It is what it is. You’ve got to roll with the punches. I remember asking my doctor, “Do I need to go to parenting classes?” She said, “No, you’re going to learn things in the NICU. And there are four of them. Nobody’s going to teach you how to do this.”

People also wonder how Jenny and Chris managed to tell the boys apart.

”Well as their parents we just kind of know. We typically see 4 different faces, but their personalities and voices are so different. For someone who’s just met them though: (in birth order) Harrison is the biggest and has the best hair. Hardy has a chipped front tooth and is super slender. Henry has a chubby face and his hair bounces when he runs. Hudson has the smallest head and a freckle on his forehead. Thats about all I can give you in regards to how to tell them apart,” Jenny says.


Four precious little babies come into the world … what a truly blessed day March 15 was.

Jenny and Chris, I’m delighted for you both. I can’t imagine the memories you’ll create as a family and the love that will be present in your household.

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