She felt scared and frozen as she peered more intently at the image.

Parents are happily posting pictures of their children’s first days of school on social media as youngsters return to class. However, a seventh-grader from Auburn, Alabama, had a snake as an unexpected visitor in her picture.

Before her first day of class on Thursday, Brooke Mills, an incoming seventh-grader at Auburn City School, posed for a picture in her yard with her mother, ShaneJoy Mills. During their photo shoot, the mother and daughter were unaware that Brooke had a big snake on a tree immediately behind her, presumably glaring at her.

“Well, 7th grade here she comes,” Brooke’s father wrote on Facebook. “Seems like she wanted to go with a friend. Fortunately for Brooke, it appeared as though his stomach was already full.

Mother of Brooke described the incident as “scary.”

“I took two photos and instructed the baby, ‘Show your teeth please!'” I then noticed the snake. When I said, “Brooke come here,” she gave me a look that suggested I was still snapping pictures. I then commanded Brooke to leave the tree immediately. According to WRBL, Mills stated, “I said it quietly, but I’m sure my face said it all.

ShaneJoy Mills was contacted by Yahoo Lifestyle for a statement; we’ll update this article when we do.

Although the species of snake it was is unknown, Facebook commenters appear to be in agreement that it was a reasonably harmless rat snake.

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