Woman Cuts Her Long Hair Off During A Makeover Because She Is “Too Old” For It, Feels Twenty Years Younger

Hailing from north-west Oklahoma, Rhonda is a 54-year-old woman who’s kept her hair longer to appease her children, although she’s not a fan. But after a makeover with Christopher Hopkins AKA The Makeover Guy, she has it cut short and feels as though she also took twenty years off.

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Woman Cuts Her Long Hair Off During A Makeover Because She Is

In a video posted to the The Makeover Guy’s YouTube channel in July of this year, we are introduced to Rhonda from “very far north-west Oklahoma,” opening the video saying that she is 54 but feels as though she is much younger than that. “I am 54. I think I feel about 34,” she says on camera.

Rhonda has hair to her shoulders but says she’s “too old to have long hair,” and if it is long she only ever wears it in a ponytail. “I like to have, like, a do, and if it is long, I just wear it in a ponytail, and I am too old for a ponytail,” she says.

A school teacher who works with four-year-olds and a recent grandmother, Rhonda needs something that is not in her face all the time but matches her personality. “I have recently become a grandmother and I am a school teacher and I work with four-year-olds, so it cannot be anything down in my face all the time. I have to have it to where its style … I can maneuver easily with,” Rhonda describes.



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