Mom Thinks Her Baby Is Blowing Bubble In Ultrasound, Then Doctors Discover What It Really Is

Mother’s Incredible Journey: Fighting a Rare Tumor That Was Discovered by Ultrasound

Miami, Florida resident Tammy Gonzalez attended a standard ultrasound while pregnant, and the medical professionals were surprised to see something odd over her baby’s mouth. Gonzalez and the medical staff were both concerned since it seemed to be a sizable bubble.


An Uncommon and Deadly Tumor

The bubble was later determined by the medical professionals to be a teratoma, an extremely rare and frequently fatal tumor that affects about 1 in every 100,000 births. Gonzalez’s doctors advised pregnancy termination in light of this diagnosis owing to the risk of a possible miscarriage.

A Mother’s Determination

Gonzalez held on to hope that there was a chance to save her child despite the dismal diagnosis and refused to give up on her. She affirmed her belief by remarking, “There must be something we can do.” She pursued other choices because of her constant resolve.

The Unusual Endoscopic Procedure

Gonzalez developed an innovative technique known as endoscopic surgery that had never been tried before. She bravely decided to venture into this uncharted zone despite the risks involved. She said, “Let’s do this,” simply and with optimism.

An Innovative Operation

The surgery was undertaken by Dr. Ruben Quintero, head of the Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Fetal Therapy Center in Miami. He entered Gonzalez’s amniotic sac through a small abdominal incision using a tiny camera and surgical equipment. Amazingly, Gonzalez stayed awake throughout the whole of the process.


a Burden Lifted

Gonzalez described the event, saying, “I could feel the tube going into the sac but I couldn’t feel the incision because of the local anesthetic. It was like a balloon popping. With a close-up picture of the tumor thanks to the camera, Dr. Quintero was able to weigh the risks and come to important conclusions.

An Amazing Moment

Dr. Quintero made the decision to remove the tumor’s stem in a split-second, causing it to separate and fall away. Gonzalez watched with relief as the tumor on her unborn child’s face vanished from the ultrasound image. She described the experience as amazing, like a huge weight had been removed.

A Healthy Baby and a Reduced Tumor

When Leyna was born four months later, the tumor was still inside the womb because it was too big to be removed through the amniotic sac. The tumor had greatly decreased by that point. Leyna was healthy when she was born, and the only physical evidence of her remarkable voyage was a small scar on the roof of her mouth.

A Child of Miracles

Gonzalez said, “She’s just fine,” as she expressed her happiness and appreciation. She converses and consumes. My little miracle kid, she is. Leyna’s story illustrates both the power of a mother’s love and the amazing strides made in medical science.

Promote the Miracle

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