Friends are worried that Clint Eastwood’s health “has taken a turn” after he hasn’t been seen in 450 days.

Throughout the course of his brilliant career, Clint Eastwood has seen and experienced everything. There are very few honors that the renowned actor and director hasn’t claimed throughout the years; his reputation as a titan of cinema was established long ago.

But as they say, Father Time takes its toll on us all, and these days, Eastwood, who is now 92 (when did that happen? ), is evidently less and less visible on red carpets and at high-profile events.


His days as an active member of the entertainment industry may be coming to an end, but he is still working. We just heard that he is putting together Juror #2, which may be his last picture as a filmmaker.

Now, whilst there haven’t been any concerning reports as to his health, Radar Online insist that his close friends fear that his health is beginning to decline…

Clint Eastwood hasn’t been seen in 450 days – friends worried his health “has taken a turn”
NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 16: Clint Eastwood seen leaving Greenwich Hotel on October 16, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Alessio Botticelli/FilmMagic)

After directing Juror #2, a courtroom thriller, the venerable Hollywood classic may decide to step go from the director’s chair, according to reports.

According to insiders close to the actor, who spoke to Discussing Film, Clint Eastwood’s upcoming film will probably be his last in his long and successful career.

Eastwood will direct his 40th film with jury number two. The 92-year-old has a long list of critically acclaimed films to his credit, including Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of our Fathers (2006), Million Dollar Baby (2004), American Sniper (2014), and Sully (2016). He most recently directed and acted in Cry Macho (2021).

Though the actor-turned-director is certainly a busy man, these days he also makes sure to enjoy his life, limiting his work commitments severely. His daughter Francesca Eastwood spoken recently on what an amazing grandfather Clint had turned out to be.

Clint Eastwood hasn’t been seen in 450 days – friends worried his health “has taken a turn”
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Titan’s grandmother shared photos of the megastar with the description, “Best dad. The best grandfather.The similarity between the two of them in appearance was immediately noted in the comments.

However, despite the fact that Clint is certainly content with the life he has created for himself through perseverance, devotion to his profession, and an undeniable abundance of talent, the most recent claims from Radar Online seem to indicate that some of his closest confidants are worried.

“Clint goes through spells of talking about retirement, but what’s worse for him is that he feels the movie industry has retired on him,” a source allegedly told the news organization.

“He’s had a 50-year partnership with Warner Brothers, but there are new people in charge there now and they were very disappointed Clint’s last movie Cry Macho bombed at the box office.

Clint Eastwood hasn’t been seen in 450 days – friends worried his health “has taken a turn”
Getty Images”He was pleased that Warner finally gave his new film the go-ahead, but he isn’t counting on it happening again.”On May 31, when he will turn 93, Eastwood is said to be eager to end his career on a successful note with the aforementioned Juror #2.It would be appropriate to put a tidy bow on a distinguished career for a guy who has contributed so much to the profession over the years, but some people in his close circle worry that he may still be taking on too much.

“It’s still a lot for a guy in his nineties,” the source said to Radar Online.

“People are concerned for his wellbeing. Although he’s the director, he’s also engaged in every other area, including the casting and, most likely, the score, as he has with his previous movies.



Additionally, the Dirty Harry actor has apparently not been spotted in public for more than 450 days, sparking unconfirmed rumors that his health has deteriorated.

Clint Eastwood is undoubtedly a beloved icon in the entertainment world, and I think we can all agree on that.

Let’s hope he can finish his career with the same flair and vigor he’s shown since he first came to prominence.


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