The 67-year-old woman known as “the world’s most beautiful grandmother” is Yazemeenah Rossi.

I have the utmost respect for those who demonstrate that age is just a number.

It warms my heart to watch elderly folks defying the stereotype that age matters, whether they are mountain climbers, cyclists, or computer gamers.


You might not be surprised to learn that this woman has been referred to as “the world’s most beautiful grandmother” for years after seeing how she appears. She is also an excellent example of how beauty need not be associated with young.

Yazemeenah Rossi, who was born on December 21, 1955, in Corsica, France, has been on the covers of international publications. She may have even been there throughout campaigns, and you may have noticed her without giving her age or identity any thought.



She has also worked as an actor over the years, making appearances in films including Timeless Beauty, Relevator, and The Grasslands.

Aspiring models frequently find themselves forced to work unpaid or for low pay at the beginning of their modeling careers in an effort to build up a strong portfolio. Yazemeenah’s breakthrough, however, came quite quickly, bucking the industry standard.

Unlike most models, who start their careers in their teens, the French actress and model didn’t start until she was

reveals her beauty’s secret

Yazemeenah was demonstrating that a model need not be youthful at the time, and she would go on to do so for the next 30 years.



At the age of 20, I had two children and worked from home, sewing clothes, knitting, and doing interior design for friends and other people. Even when I was raising my children, I was very active and independent since I had always known that I would never work in an office or reside in one area for the rest of my life, she stated in 2020.

Although she managed to work continuously as a model during all these years, she says that the model industry remains primarily for the young.

Years ago, I began to believe that things would start to shift gradually and that we would start to see more older models, but that did not happen. Although males might talk less about it, I do think that both men and women are worried about aging.Nobody enjoys watching their skin droop to gravity. However, becoming older is a good thing since it makes you stronger over time, according to Yazemeenah, who spoke to Vice.

“Age is definitely a state of mind. If you are connected with your inner child, you can recharge your batteries and keep that energy. You need to have a playful, adventurous, curious spirit,” she says, adding there are no real “magic tricks” to keep you looking youthful.

Many who look at this beautiful lady are convinced that she has gone under the knife. Some say that it’s impossible to look so beautiful and young when you are almost 70 years old.

“I haven’t had any cosmetic surgery so far. The idea of going under the knife when I am perfectly healthy doesn’t make much sense to me.”

Yasmina Rossi, a stunning and classic figure, has received accolades for embracing her appearance as it was over the years.

“I use oil to moisturize my skin. Rapeseed oil was applied to my hair. I exfoliate my skin once a week using olive oil and fine sugar, and I consume organic meat and fish every day, she said to The Potion Tree.

In December 2023, Yazemeenah will turn 68.

But she isn’t going to be slowing down as she told The Daily Mail, “I will model until the end of my life,” and added “But it’s not about modeling, it’s about witnessing, witnessing beauty, energy makes us alive…”

Older women should be proud of their bodies because each stage of life brings its own unique beauty and significance!

In essence, being proud of your body is a declaration of self-worth, a stand against ageism, and an affirmation of the beauty that comes with the passage of time. It is a celebration of the journey they’ve undertaken and the strength they possess, inspiring others to embrace their own bodies with love and appreciation.

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