Brutal Retribution Awaits Man Who Beat His 2-Day-Old Baby to Death After Cellmate Learns His Secret

Tragic Turn of Events: Convicted Father Found Dead in Prison

A Short-lived Sentence

Liam Deane, sentenced to life imprisonment for the tragic murder of his newborn daughter, Luna, met an untimely death just a month into his sentence. His life was reportedly taken by fellow inmate John Westland. This alarming incident swiftly led Westland to court, following the revelation of Deane’s demise.

The Heart-wrenching Crime

Deane had previously confessed to violently shaking and punching his 2-day-old daughter due to her incessant crying. Tragically, Luna succumbed to her injuries, particularly brain trauma, a mere three days after the incident.

“Deane confessed to being the sole reason behind the gruesome injuries Luna sustained, mentioning that he lost control when she wouldn’t settle,” disclosed the prosecutor during the trial, as cited by Mirror.

Richard Wright, Deane’s defense counsel during the trial in Leeds, England, expressed disbelief at his client’s actions. He emphasized how Deane’s dreadful act was entirely out of character and assured the court that Deane would be haunted by his actions for the rest of his life.

A Mother’s Heartbreak

During the trial, Wright read an agonizing statement from Luna’s distraught mother, detailing the unbearable pain of seeing her infant daughter on life support. The words poignantly encapsulated the torment any mother would experience in such a situation.

“Witnessing Luna on life support will forever scar my soul. The agony it brought me is indescribable, something I wouldn’t wish even on my greatest adversary,” Luna’s mother’s statement conveyed.

Public Outcry and Reactions

The news sparked intense reactions among the public, with many asserting that Deane’s fate in prison was well-deserved, considering the gravity of his crime.

One Facebook user commented on the matter, emphasizing the inherent protective nature expected of parents. They expressed hope that the tragic nature of Luna’s death would be taken into account when delivering the verdict for Westland.

Another individual echoed a commonly held belief about prison hierarchies, highlighting the detestation prisoners often feel towards those who harm the vulnerable, particularly children. They suggested that Deane faced the consequences of his actions in this unanticipated manner.

Another commenter voiced their disappointment with the legal system, feeling that it failed young Luna. They opined that Deane’s life sentence seemed lenient given his heinous act.

“While I can’t condone murder, a 10-year sentence seems insufficient for such a monstrous act. There are people serving longer sentences for lesser crimes. Let’s just say, karma has its way,” remarked another user.


This tragic series of events showcases the harrowing effects of impulsive decisions and the ripple effects they can create, leading to unforeseen consequences. While society grapples with balancing justice and retribution, Luna’s tragic story serves as a somber reminder of the need for compassion and patience.

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