Aunt shares brilliant trick she uses to tell her identical triplet nephews apart

When Amy Jo Hasselquist found out her brother and his wife would be soon growing their family, she had no idea the family would get bigger by three, not one.

Her sister-in-law, Crystal, was expecting triplets, which meant that the family would soon have six members since the couple already had an older son.

When the boys were born, they stayed in the NICU for three months after they were born at 29 weeks.
Crystal, who spent countless hours in the NICU trying to support her babies and give them strength to fight for their lives, at some point started wondering how she would be able to tell them apart.

The babies were identical triplets, which meant that they looked exactly the same.
So, after discussing with the nurses and watching what other parents did, she concluded that color-coding would be a great idea to help her tell her sons apart.

“When (Crystal) spent those three months in the NICU with the babies, she talked to the nurses a lot and they shared a lot of the different ways other multiple moms have color-coded their children to make sure they know who is who,” Hasselquist told Good Morning America.

At that point, she picked a color for each baby, to begin with. James would wear green, Henrik would go with blue, and Thomas would be represented by red.

As the proud aunt explained, everything has been color-coded since the triplets were taken home.
From bottles to cribs, clothes, blankets, practically everything.

But, what if there is an emergency and the babies don’t have something with their special color around?
Well, they have found a solution for that, too.

The family has decided to paint the big toes of the babies in the color they have chosen for each of them.

So, even if the babies take off their clothes, their family will be able to tell them apart.

Amy, the proud aunt, who usually shares videos of her nephews on TikTok, recently uploaded a video in which she showed TikTok users how they tell the babies apart.
“I started TikTok, as most people did, during the pandemic, so thought it would be fun to make funny little videos with music, things like that, especially to share with other friends and family,” she explained.

Aunt shares brilliant trick she uses to tell her identical triplet nephews apart

The video soon went viral, today having more than 16 million views, and users loved it.
“I’m not even judging! This is genius!” someone wrote, while another user commented: “Tell me [you’re] a genius without telling me [you’re] a genius! Parenting level 10000000000 lol”

Amy is happy that people enjoy her videos of the triplets, and she definitely plans on making more of them.
“I think everyone has gotten a kick out of them. And we’ve convinced grandparents of the triplets to follow along in the videos so yes, hoping to continue making them,” she said.

Watch Amy talking about the triplets and how they can tell them apart in the video below!
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